Success for students with ‘Almost Garcons’ exhibition


Date: 29th Jan 2018

Second-year BA (Hons) Fashion Design students have worked together to showcase their designs in two spaces at Bucks New University.

The exhibition ‘Almost Garcons’ in The Gallery and room T1.11a at High Wycombe runs until Tuesday 30 January and is part of the degree course.

Set as a module this term, the students asked to put on their own exhibition and promote it themselves. The Gallery space is a way of advertising the exhibition within the University but also showing the outside world what they are working on.

Samples/parts of garments inspired by the label Comme Des Garçon are being displayed, as well as sketchbooks and other drawings.

BA (Hons) Fashion Design Course Leader Jane Bowler said: “They had to find a space, take it over and source everything for a successful exhibition.

“I think they’ve done a great job and I’m proud at what they have managed to achieve within the time frame and with limited resources.

“What has been interesting is that this is the first project they’ve had to do as a team. They have learned a lot from it, especially in terms of communication and how they worked together, as well as creation and the curation side of a show.”


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