‘My university life has been filled with great experiences that I will remember forever’


Date: 3rd Sep 2018

You’d be hard pressed to find something about Bucks New University that yesterday’s graduating valedictorian Emilee Platts hasn’t been involved in.Emilee Platts

The 21-year-old BA (Hons) Dance and Performance, from Leicester, has been the Chair of the Yoga Society, Secretary of the Ballet Society, an NUS Delegate, Student Rep, Faculty Officer, Student Ambassador, she ran in the SU Sabbatical Officer elections and volunteered, to name but a few.

Emilee hopes to dance professionally on cruise ships or Disney World now, but has certainly made the most of her three years at Bucks. We talk to her about her time:

What do you think about the community here at Bucks?

I have been heavily involved in so many aspects of both the university and the Students’ Union over the last three years. A great thing about the ‘Bucks family’ is that it’s there for everyone. Some students take part solely in their course, some are involved in everything and there is whole range in between. I’m incredibly proud of being part of an institution which has given me all that it has. My involvement within Bucks Students’ Union has provided me with opportunities that I never thought I would ever be a part of.

How did you feel in your first week on campus?

I felt very nervous to leave home and leave my family, but I kept in mind that everyone else was in the same position as me. I attended the fresher’s fair and signed up to a whole range of societies and sports team, this was so exciting and made me feel like I was officially a student! Meeting my course lecturers and other students was nerve-wracking, but I knew I would be spending so much time with these people and some would go on to be my very good friends over the next three years.

What have been your ‘best bits’?

There have been so many best bits about my time at university but a particular highlight would have to be performing on stage representing the university, at the MOVE IT dance event in London in my second year.  I attended a very small dance school at home, so for me, MOVE IT was a huge, exciting event. Another great experience within the Students’ Union was when I ran in the elections for Vice President of Education and Welfare. Unfortunately, I did not win this but within the short time of planning and campaigning, I learnt so many skills that I will carry into my future career.

How do you think Bucks has prepared you for the world of work?

We have a variety of industry professionals visit each week, giving us a chance to talk to people from the outside world of dance (I’m sure similar to most courses). Seeing so many different people has given me a taste of what it might be like to work as a dancer. Recently, I ran in the Sabbatical Officer elections and I learnt life lessons from that which will always be remembered. My confidence with public speaking has increased drastically from running for this too.Emilee Platts dancing

Apart from your course, what else have you been involved with at the University?

I have done so much at university on top of being on the dance course. I’ve been the Chair of the Yoga Society for the past two years, where we received Society of the Year in 2017 and Outstanding Accreditation in 2017 and 2018. This role is probably the one that I will miss the most at Bucks. I was the Secretary of the Ballet Society last year, an NUS Delegate, Student Trustee, Student Rep, Faculty Officer, Fresher’s Helper, Student Ambassador, a member of the Cheerleading and Dance teams and I’ve logged over 500 volunteering hours whilst being here. All of this has filled my university life with great experiences and special memories that I will remember forever.

What makes you proud of Bucks?

I am most proud of Bucks for all that its Student Union does. When I tell my friends from home that I get to do all of my societies and sports for free, get free trips and additional skills sessions, they are so shocked and even a little jealous! Not only this, some of the friendliest people work at the Union. We could go with an issue, a recommendation or even question, and the staff would do their upmost to help anyone. They have my back whenever I need it; the SU will be one of the things I miss the most about the university.

What do you wish other people outside of our walls knew about Bucks New University?

I wish that others knew how close-knit we are. We are such a small university with such creative courses, sometimes we are forgotten in favour of the huge universities. We produce students who have had individual university experiences, no two students are the same.

Graduation Week at Bucks New University runs until Friday with eight ceremonies throughout the week celebrating the successes of our students.


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