Bucks welcomes visitors from Hong Kong and China


Date: 23rd Apr 2018

Bucks New University welcomed representatives from Stanford Education Group, Sino Sky Star (SSS) and the Continuing Education Department (HGX) of South China University of Technology (SCUT) this month to develop ways of reaching and supporting its international students.

The international educational group, which operates in Hong Kong, China and Macau among others, met with Ms. Greta Paa-Kerner and Dr Paul Dudley at Bucks New University, to develop recruitment onto the International MBA Top-Up programme and the BA (Hons) Business Management online top-up programme.

Dr Dudley, IMBA Programme Leader and SCUT Partnership Lead at Bucks who visited Hong Kong in January, said: “We have received approximately 90 students onto the IMBA Top-Up per year and this is set to increase to 120 to 150 per year. The visit is part of our approach to developing recruitment and seeing how we can support recruitment further.”

Recruitment agent partners which visited on 17 April included:

  • Dr Hiran Shanaka, of Stanford Education Group, the lead of the partnership has been engaging with British, Australian and American universities over the last 17 years and has vast experience in Economics, Accounting & Finance and Business Research.
  • Mr Kenny Lee, of Continuing Education Department (HGX) of SCUT, who has ample experience in Marketing MBA programmes and is dealing with marketing, accounting and finance courses of Stanford –SCUT collaboration.
  • Ms Stephanie Wong, of Continuing Education Department (HGX) of SCUT, who has 12 years’ experience in Stanford –SCUT collaboration.
  • Dr Karson Oten Van Karno, of Sino Sky Star, who has more than 20-year experience in business, education and entertainment industry. Dr Van was the founder and major pioneer of the three out of four Hong Kong most influential education groups: King’s Glory Education (2001-2006).
  • Ms Lo, Sally, of Sino Sky Star, who has worked in education for more than 12 years.
  • Dr David Sze, of Zeta Business School, who has more than 20 years of experience in private tertiary education in Hong Kong.
  • Ms Elaine Ho, of Zeta Business School, who has worked in student applications and student affairs over the last six years.Visitors from Hong Kong and China visited Bucks New University

Recruitment onto the International MBA Top-Up programme and the BA (Hons) Business Management top-up is being coordinated by Dr Dudley and Dr Hiran through developing relationships with Dr Karson and Mr Kenny over the years.

Bucks intends to have its first intake of 60 students onto the BA (Hons) Business Management online top-up in June.

Dr. Dudley added: “This relationship building is about developing not only recruitment but also the quality of student recruitment.  This is about understanding what further support these students require to reach their full potential.

“As part of this, I run workshops in Hong Kong and Southern China to help students develop the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed on our programmes. This also serves to better understand the key issues of our students in Hong Kong, Macau and China.”

Picture caption: Top row, Kevin Maher, Dr Karson Oten, Dr Hiran Shanaka, Phil Wood, Ms Stephanie Wong, Mr Kenny Lee and Ms Greta Paa-Kerner.
Bottom row, Dr David Sze, Ms Elaine Ho and Dr Paul Dudley


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