Bucks Business School students impress Topshop/Topman boss


Date: 6th Oct 2017

New students in Bucks Business School have impressed the Head of Retail at Topshop/Topman’s flagship store in Oxford Street with their ideas on how it can continue to thrive.

The students put their suggestions to Daniel Bevins, Head of Retail of Global Flagship for Topshop/Topman at Oxford Circus in London, with proposals ranging from a wider range of sizes, speciality events and increased use of technology.

It was part of an ‘Apprentice Challenge’ where students starting at the University were tasked with coming up in groups with plans which could benefit the world-famous retailer.

Course Leader Sarah Hill said: “To respond to a live brief from Topshop/Topman was a big ask for our new students and they rose to the challenge extremely well and I was very impressed by the standard this year.

“For most of the students it was only their second day at University and they not only had to research into trends in the retail sector and the millennial consumer but also present their findings to their fellow students and a panel of judges.

“The issue of digital disruption and the impact of the growing  trend of shopping online is one of increasing significance to traditional bricks and mortar stores and the Apprentice Challenge live brief this year certainly gave the students a taste of what to expect at Bucks New University.”

Among the factors the retailer wanted the students’ ideas on included how to appeal to 16-26-year-olds, as well as 27-34-year-olds; how to keep customers returning to shop; and how to get involved with popular culture, music, and celebrity.

The winning team comprised Andrew Thomson, Sadia Khalid, Humaira Kosar, Diana Grigore and Henna Mustafa (pictured with Daniel Bevins).

Fellow student Honorata Rzepkowska, studying BA (Hons) Business Management, said her group’s suggestions included making use of loyalty card schemes to build up customers, as well as offering discounts and offers.

She added: “It is good to work with a well-known brand and develop ideas relevant to the real-world, early in my course. I also appreciate the support of second-year students who have assisted us. It is interesting to gain perspective from students who are a further year into their degree.”

The Apprentice Challenge takes place annually for new students in Bucks Business School. This year students from BA (Hons) Marketing; BA (Hons) Business Management; BSc (Hons) Accounting & Finance; and BA (Hons) Business & Finance took part.


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