Creative Industries - the jewel in the UK crown


Date: 16th Nov 2017

Bucks will be at stand 62 at Create your future, Manchester from 21-22 November. Frazer Mackenzie, Head of School - Arts and Creative Industries, says the importance of the sector is being increasingly appreciated.

"This year the Creative Industry Federation manifesto spelt out the importance of the creative sector, citing it as the fastest-growing part of the economy, annually contributing a whopping £87bn in GVA. 

"Looking at this in context, I understand it’s four times that of the automotive industry, six times that of life sciences and ten times that of the aerospace industry. 

"We continue to create three times more jobs than the average among the UK economy as a whole and according to the Creative Industry Federation the Creative Industries are the third largest exporter of cultural goods and services in the world.

"Yet despite this much-needed good news, and at a time of Brexit, we continue to see under-investment in creative arts education in schools and we’re in serious danger of losing this sector-leading position further down the line if we don’t act now.

"In higher education we’re already starting to see the impact. School leavers and worried parents are starting to think twice about the value and cost of HE education and training in arts-based subjects.

"I feel that prospective students who already show incredible potential for future Creative Industries careers still receive poor or often ill-informed advice about career prospects.

"Universities have a pivotal role to play in influencing this narrative, and breaking the polarising and pervading view that there’s a choice to make between a secure and well-paid career in STEM-related industries and what could be termed arts and creative pursuits, which young people are told should remain a hobby, or something you do to relax when you’re not working.

"At Bucks, we’re keen to explode the myth and redefine what it means to have a fulfilling and exciting career in the creative sector. 

"The starting point for all our Creative Industries students, no matter what their focus, is that they can turn what started as a passion and a hobby into a vocation.

"Engaging students in collaborative projects and assessments, and involving key industry players and businesses in these projects, has been key. 

"For example, our partnership with BBC introducing, the BBC’s incredibly successful platform for promoting up-and-coming musical talent, provides an amazing opportunity for students from our BA (Hons) Film and Television Production; BA (Hons) Audio and Music Production; and BA (Hons) Animation and Visual Effects courses to work together on a regular basis, much as they would in the workplace.

"Further, it’s not just what may be considered creative businesses that need creative talent.

"Our work with Premier League and Championship football clubs, Watford and Reading, allows students to work on high-profile projects that really blur the lines between being in education and in the workplace.

"Generating engaging and high-quality creative content is now central to how all businesses communicate with their fans and customers. It’s the thing that makes a successful business really stand out from the crowd - and we can help.

"The Creative Industries will always remain a much misunderstood and fragmented employment sector and inevitably a sector that often attracts people who don’t feel they quite fit in with the normal 9 to 5 and who want a career that really makes them want to get out of bed in the morning and make their mark.

"Universities certainly need to respond to this but they also need to lead the way in showing the next generation and the government that these are genuinely some of the best career choices, both for the individual and for the UK economy.

"It’s less about working in the Creative Industries and more about the growing volume of employment opportunities in any businesses that value creativity as the key to future success."

Picture captions:

Students working with Watford FC; Frazer Mackenzie; students working with BBC Introducing at the Royal Albert Hall.


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