Third year Fashion Design student set to wow at FASHIONCLASH


Date: 30th May 2017

Third year BA (Hons) Fashion Design student Adam Bystrzycki has beaten thousands to a place at FASHIONCLASH in the Netherlands.

The four-day festival, held in Maastricht, is a platform for young designers and connects talent, various disciplines, cultures and a broad audience through fashion events and projects.picture of Adam Bystrzycki

More than 150 young fashion designers and performers from all over the world will get the opportunity to show their work to an international audience around the theme ‘Fashion Makes Sense’.

Adam, 23, originally from Poland, said: “I had to send a portfolio of my designs, my sketch book work and my collection line up. I had to wait a week but they got back to me and said I’d got it.

“It is amazing, especially when you are working on one thing for so long and working so hard - this is the first big thing that I’ve achieved where someone outside of Bucks is interested in what I am doing. It’s such a great acknowledgment.”

Adam will be showing seven looks from his final year collection at FASHIONCLASH and is looking forward to the challenge of putting the show together.

“I will have to think about not only the clothes but the shoes, the make-up, the whole concept because you can’t send out models just wearing your clothes,” he said.

“When I’m designing I’m always thinking how I can create ‘the dream’ if you like. There is so much competition in fashion, the industry is saturated. You have to be as commercial as you are creative, and as creative as you are commercial. So if you can create ‘the dream’, the whole package, it’s easier to sell.Adam Bystrzycki fashion picture

“It will be a great opportunity to meet others in the industry and network. I’m a bit nervous but I’m excited - I’m the kind of person that a little bit of stress makes me more productive.”

The 9th edition of FASHIONCLASH Festival will take place June 29- July 2 and will feature fashion shows, exhibitions, awards, fashion talks, theatre and dance performances.

Jane Bowler, Fashion Design course leader, said: “Adam is extremely innovative and daring; he has a great sense of what a woman is today. The woman he has created in his collection is a unique vision of femininity.

“What’s really strong about Adam’s work is his sense of textiles as well, his textiles are just as strong as his garments which is quite unusual for a fashion designer.

“This is going to be a great opportunity for him. It’s really hard to get into somewhere like FASHIONCLASH. The competition was open to people all over the world and they only selected a handful of the best talent so it’s very impressive he has got through, especially from such a new course at Bucks.”

BA (Hons) Fashion Design at Bucks New University has been running for four years.


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