Fashion students get ‘bold, bright and bodacious’


Date: 11th May 2017

Colourful stylist Twinks Burnett has been making sure Third Year fashion students are getting the most out of their final collections.

The award-winning Twinks has been visiting Bucks New University go through styling techniques and concept ideas to those in their final year of the BA (Hons) Fashion degree course.picture of Twinks Burnett with students

Fashion designer and course leader Jane Bowler said: “It has been great having Twinks come in and work with the students. She bought a wealth of experience with her and has been really focusing them on their collections and the final details needed to make all the items as successful as they can be.

“Retaining strong links within the fashion industry is so important to us as it means that our students can get experiences like this which will prepare them for the world of work."

So who is Twinks Burnett? We found out…

What inspired you to work in fashion?

“I did a fashion foundation degree after travelling for many years, while doing this I figured out I wanted to be a stylist. I continued on to a fashion degree, worked on creating my accessories brand while at university and took on the role of fashion editor at a local magazine.

“I always knew I would work for myself in some form or another. I have always expressed myself through my personal style and aesthetic identity. It wasn’t until I was 22 that it all started to make sense. I found a way to express myself through styling that literally made me feel complete. I love my job, I love creating and developing concepts and literally seeing the conception form in front of you. I love working with varied people and filling them with love.

“Be it an hour or day, I always want people to walk off my sets feeling empowered! I started styling at university, hunting down the most creative and talented students. Creating, experimenting with my craft and evolving. I won the Fashion Styling and Creative Direction Award at Graduate Fashion Week. Since then I have worked freelance with a contract at Harrods magazine, contributions to other publications and working with independent brands.”

How would you describe your style?

“Bold, bright, bodacious. I love to dress in bright colours, bold prints and different fabrics. I dress how I feel! Often there is a correlation between my personal style and my work, it’s great that my style is recognisable. I work hard to create imagery that is versatile and different to what people expect me to create.”

How long have you been a stylist and what has been your favourite professional job so far?

“I love all my jobs! Being a stylist is very self-initiated, you have to take joy in all forms of work. My favourite shoot to date is the Doodad and Fandango X Camille Walala campaign, which featured in Laud Magazine. Doodad and Fandango is one of my absolute favourite accessories brands, based in Australia, I was determined to shoot with Camille, she is one of my favourite artists. It was a wonderful day filled with talent and co-creation.”

picture of Twinks talking to students

What did you think about our third years’ work?

“I love coming to Bucks and sharing my experience with the students. Having taught and worked with all students across the fashion degree, it’s been really wonderful to see the third years evolve with their creativity and develop as designers.

“The stand out collection for me was Adam Bystrzycki. His collection is wonderfully unique, expertly crafted and conceptually on point.”

What advice would you give future designers or stylists?

“Develop your look. Have a style. Respect everyone you work with. Know what drives you creatively and know that it’s going to be a long and emotional road. The highs are outrageously glorious and the lows can be soul crushing.

“Know why you’re creating and what its impact will be. Surround yourself with goddesses! It’s got to be your ‘everything’ or you will create nothing. Be kind, be original, and be true to yourself. WORK HARD!

Montage of Twinks pictures


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