Government is in danger of ‘choking off the talent pipeline’


Date: 9th Jun 2017

Government is in danger of ‘choking off the talent pipeline’ in the arts and creative industries, according to a leading figure at Buckinghamshire New University.

Frazer Mackenzie was speaking at the start of the University’s Arts and Creative Industries Show and said the areas must be a ‘priority’ in ensuring a good deal for Britain in the Brexit discussions.Picture of Frazer Mackenzie, Head of School for Arts and Creative Industries.

Mr Mackenzie said he supported a general election manifesto by the Creative Industries Federation (CIF), stressing the importance of the arts and creative industries sector sector for the economy and driving economic growth after Brexit.

“Without a strong and effective government strategy to protect the creative sector, and to ensure there is strong inward investment in UK talent, we are in danger of seeing one of the few sectors where the UK remains world beating, dwindling in economic value, as the ability to compete internationally declines and as the talent moves overseas to survive,” said Mr Mackenzie.

“Whilst the government has made is abundantly clear that they wish to throw their support behind STEM-based disciplines they are in danger of doing this at the expense of the arts and creative industries and choking off the talent pipeline that has clearly demonstrated its value to the UK economy. Both industry and educators will be watching the election and Brexit with a good deal of interest over the coming months.”

Mr Mackenzie, Head of the School of Arts and Creative Industries at the University, added: “The arts and creative industries sector has been the fastest growing sector of the UK economy since the 2008 crash, worth £87 billion, more than car manufacturing or aerospace. This is four times that of the automotive industry, six times that of life sciences and ten time that of the aerospace industry.

“A key point of Brexit negotiation will be around the negative impact it could have on the free movement of UK talent and the protection of intellectual property across borders. During the UK’s time in the EU there has been considerable movement made on harmonising IP and copyright laws, and there is a danger that Brexit could undo a lot of that good work.”

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