University's community spirit wins the day for graduating student


Date: 2nd Aug 2017

Third-year Ludmila Neto has praised Bucks New University for its ‘community spirit’ as her final year draws to a close.

The 20-year-old BA (Hons) Performing Arts (Film, Television and Stage) student says although it was the variety of modules and practicality of the course that made her pick the Bucks, it was the friendships and social life which added to her positive experience.Picture of Ludmila Neto

She said: “I wish people outside of Bucks knew how great the university community is here.

“I was surprised at the amount of great trips and course-linked events. They were a great way to have a change of scene and to see some live performances that we as students wouldn’t be able to afford.”

In 2016 Ludmila was also elected Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Students’ Officer.

“The best part of being at Bucks was getting elected and giving a speech at the Student's Union Black History Month Event,” she said.

“Our cultures within the University are so diverse.”

BA (Hons) Performing Arts (Film, Television and Stage) teaches the many ways to be a performer.

Students gain hands-on experience with the latest technology allowing them to explore the full range of screen, audio and inter-media possibilities, whilst having access to industry professionals who help shape the course work.

The course fuses theatre, film, television and audio media and aims to place the performer at the heart of creative process.

Ludmila said: “I think Bucks has prepared me with all the relevant skills and experience I need to transition into the world of work.

“I aim to continue to perform, write and build my experience in marketing for theatre. In the future I am to study for a master's degree in Arts Management.

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