Student enjoys LA wedding planning internship


Date: 3rd Jul 2017

Organising weddings in Los Angeles sounds like the premise for a Hollywood movie and one Bucks New University student enjoyed the delights of the city of angels during a month-long internship.

Maddie Burnard, studying BA (Hons) Event and Festivals Management, carried out the internship with wedding coordination company Wish Wonder Dream in Pasadena, near Los Angeles.

The ambitious student, who enters her third year at Bucks New University in September, helped with wedding days and organising the pre-planning of weddings, based in the studio, from home and around different venues in LA.

She said: “It was hugely enjoyable to meet new people, working in different environments and helping plan a couple’s special day. What city is more glamorous than LA and I worked on weddings in places including Beverley Hills. It was amazing.

“I enjoyed visiting the venues on walkthrough days as you were able to see how the venue was transformed into a wedding and you were able to see the bride before the wedding. This was always really exciting as every bride I worked with had very different emotions.

“I gained confidence through the internship, especially finding the courage to travel solo to America for a month, having to find my own way around and meet new people, and having direct contact with the bride and groom and their immediate family and seeing them have trust in you to deliver.”

Maddie arranged the internship with help from wedding planning lecturer Isabel Smith and said she hopes to run her own wedding coordination company in future.

Speaking about her course, she said: “I wouldn’t have had this kind of opportunity if it hadn’t been for the course. It is helping enhance my experience and knowledge to help my future, and we have so many modules, teaching us so many different areas of events. I am excited about the future and the further opportunities to come.”

Here's Maddie's take on the experience:

I was able to work at three different weddings and they were all different in their own ways.

The first I worked was at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Los Angeles and was so unbelievably fancy. The wedding was so classy and you could tell the couple worked so hard in making it unique and special for their guests. Everything was planned perfectly and looked spectacular. They had around 250 guests and so much going on for them to enjoy.

The second wedding took on a much more calmer approach and it was obvious the couple were more about having a fun, party style wedding. This wedding was outside at South Hills Country Club and was so beautifully executed. It was so obvious the guests loved and enjoyed their day at this wedding.

The third wedding I worked was at Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills. Once again, this wedding was outside and with only 50 guests, the wedding was so elegant and enjoyable. The wedding was only a ceremony and dinner so took on a very formal approach but was so delightful and was held at such an amazing venue.

As I worked with a different coordinator at each wedding, my roles at the wedding changed drastically. The first two weddings were very similar roles for me, directing guests, helping with moving wedding items and helping setting them up and assisting my coordinator with anything she needed.

The third wedding was a lot more special for me as I was given the role of staying with the bridal party, directing them as to anything they needed to be doing, sticking with the bride in case she needed me for anything, and making sure the bridesmaids were where they needed to be. I also assisted with other roles throughout the day.


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