‘Simple’ ventilator carrier could be popular in healthcare sector


Date: 19th Jul 2017

Experts at Buckinghamshire New University believe a device they designed to carry ventilators on hospital beds could be effectively used widely in the healthcare sector.

The 600mm-wide aluminium and steel device is attached underneath the front of a patient trolley to carry the vital equipment and is being used by Bucks New University DipHE Operating Department Practice students.

Paul Wheeler, Senior Lecturer - Perioperative Practice, enlisted the help of Workshop Supervisor Brian Siarey to design and make the device so a ventilator could be stored safely and securely.

The bracket enables the Dräger ventilators used by the University to be easily transported while connected to an oxygen cylinder stored behind. The device has been entirely devised and made at Bucks New University.

Paul said: “Ultimately, this is a bracket attached to the front of a bed to solve a problem and ensure that a ventilator can be transported easily without the risk of damage from being knocked during patient transfers.

“A ventilator easily slots into it and the oxygen cylinder goes in behind and the bracket allows the equipment to be safely and securely put in and out.

“It is a straightforward idea but one we feel could be widely adopted in the NHS. There isn’t a simple mechanism like this used on beds in hospitals.

“Typically, a ventilator is hung off the side of a bed while a patient is being transported and this can be unsteady or put strain on a patient while a bed is in transit.

“I do not feel this is the best way to accommodate it and something like we have made could work safer and much more effectively.

“The bracket ensures the ventilator is ideally placed above the wheels at the head end of the bed where it can be easily and safely seen, monitored and any adjustments can be made while a patient is being transported in a bed.”

Brian Siarey said: “It has been great working with Paul on this and coming up with a solution to a problem for the benefits of our students.

“This is an excellent illustration of the knowhow, equipment and capabilities we have at the University.”

Picture captions: Paul Wheeler (left) and Brian Siarey with the bracket; as well as photos of the piece of equipment.


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