Fashion students show their 'Work In Progress'


Date: 16th Feb 2017

There is a new exhibition in The Gallery from Bucks New University's fashion students.

Course Leader Jane Bowler and Senior Lecturer David Hopwood, both in BA (Hons) Fashion, have gathered the pieces from students for the 'Work in Progress' display.

The textiles, structures and concepts featured will be used for the students' future designs.

Jane said: "The development work, experimentation and research are equally as important as a finished garment, we wanted to showcase the beautiful work which happens in the lead up to creating a fashion collection."

The 'Work in Progress' exhibition highlights the textiles and artworks which form the basis of any fashion project. The exhibition celebrates creativity, innovation and most importantly individuality.

David added: "This is an exciting time for our students as they investigate, experiment and explore their concepts.

"They are developing some unique and forward-thinking work that showcases the diversity of aesthetics within the department. We are extremely excited about the final results and proud of the hard work that our students are doing."

The display can be viewed until Thursday 23 February. Here is what some of the fashion students had to say about their work:

Adam Bystrzycki
"My final collection is set within the contrast of flamboyant femininity and bold masculinity. The femininity is reflected in highly-decorated textiles printed with vibrant motifs and decorated with glitter. The masculine profile is translated into bold and structured shirts inspired by the arrogantly, architectural male imagined in Renaissance David's sculpture. The shirt is also the key piece and base shape for the silhouettes in the collection. The collection includes erotic collages, kimono knots and objects inspired by Duchamp's 'ready-mades' like oversized ties or binder clips. Throughout my collection I am communicating a surreal and high fashion message defined within the garment itself and its surrounding."

Shannon Barlow
"Throughout my project I have been focusing on a multiple of different techniques, such as laser cutting, origami and manipulating fabric to create an intricate design. I have combined both my origami and laser cutting techniques together, to develop my design work further and have introduced layering into my garments."

Mark David Jones"For this project, I was given a live industry brief by Jane Bowler to make a new line for her store. I started to look at Jane's store to see what type of clothing she sold and this made me think of looking at festivals/party as my theme. From this I researched laser lights, LEDs and strobe lighting like you have at clubs and festivals. At this point I started to use coloured tapes representing lights in my work and at how I could use it to melt it between plastic to make outfits out of the tape. For this project, I am hoping to make a red carpet style outfit, a one-off range of six outfits."

Marta Biro
"My project is entitled 'Reinventing the Traditional' because I would like to honour traditional skills while combining them with modern techniques. The inspiration for this project is drawn from Romanian folk wear which brought me back to my roots. My collection represents the reinterpretation of the traditional motifs, colours and shapes into a modern context, while taking sustainability into account."

Sumeet Pandha
"The story behind this graffiti banner is to explore the hidden identity and mannerisms behind an individual, inspired from the novel, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. The transformation of the banner will turn into a print for my upcoming collection. Handmade graffiti also fills in the sustainable side of the collection. Using sustainable inks can enlighten the area of sustainability."


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