Starring TV role for Bucks figure


Date: 20th Dec 2017

The Co-ordinating Chaplain at Buckinghamshire New University will be starring television programme Tom Kerridge's Lose Weight For Good, a six-part series on BBC Two starting on Wednesday 3 January.

Revd Jenny Ellis, who is also a member of the Church of England’s West Wycombe team, mainly ministering at Bradenham St Botolph Church, is one of 13 people selected for the show, undertaking a regime of weekly weigh-ins, a food diary and a fortnightly sheaf of recipes to try out – all strictly calorie-counted.

She said: “I spotted an advert in the Bucks Free Press newspaper asking for people who loved good food and wanted to lose weight for a documentary and couldn’t resist applying.

“The film crew accompanied me to work at Bucks New University, I was filmed cooking in my kitchen, at St Botolph’s, reading in my study, enjoying a family meal and at my weekly riding lesson.

“The latter caused much hilarity as the film company insisted I rode in my dog collar for ease of identification! It was because we all had to have a ‘signature’ outfit we wore every time we were filmed!”

Tom is famous for losing 12 stone himself and is now on a mission to help others sensibly lose weight by making small but significant lifestyle changes. In conjunction with NHS-approved weight loss advice, he created low-calorie recipes for the group which also includes a photographer, an engineer, a nurse and a police officer and was filmed by Bone Soup Productions.

Revd Ellis added: “One aspect of Tom’s ‘message’ was that people gave up on diets because the food was boring, so he set out to create food that we would enjoy eating.

“I can honestly say there were times when I sat down to my ‘diet’ supper and was totally incredulous that I would actually lose weight eating the quantity of food on the plate.

I counted and recounted the calories, and sure enough, there were nowhere near as many as you might expect from a plate groaning with colourful, tasty food.

“A particular favourite became griddled haloumi cheese with griddled Mediterranean vegetable and beetroot houmous.

“Some of the options were so simple it was ludicrous that I hadn’t tried them before.”

Examples include swapping mayonnaise with a low fat crème fraiche in a potato salad, and using sliced courgette instead of pasta in lasagne.

“All of the recipes I tried actually tasted better than their higher calorie counterparts. I found I had more energy and hardly ever suffered from indigestion,” added Revd Ellis.

Banner image: The dieters before the filming started. Tom Kerridge is in the centre and Revd Jenny Ellis is in the front row, third from the left. Photo: John Rogers/Bone Soup Productions.

Main image: Revd Jenny Ellis with Tom Kerridge and a fellow participant. Photo: Richard Hill


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