Real-world scenarios for students thanks to high-tech equipment


Date: 17th Aug 2017

Improved patient safety is the driving force behind the use of high-tech innovative room partitions by Buckinghamshire New University.

DipHE Operating Department Practice students at the University in High Wycombe are benefiting from the immersive surroundings created by KwickScreen partitions.

The University is using the partitions to create the impression that students are working in an anaesthetic room or inside an ambulance in an emergency situation.

Course Leader Shane Roadnight said: “We want to give our students an experience as close as possible to scenarios they will encounter in the real world.

“In our case KwickScreens are ideal for projecting images which gives the illusion that students are occupying a space in various specialised venues within the operating department or in an ambulance.

“We use it daily as an interactive tool and it has changed the way we teach things, meaning we can effectively turn one room into two or three and meaning scenarios can be played out in real-time.”

Mr Roadnight said, for example, real-world anaesthetic rooms are notoriously small and enclosed so introducing a partition creates a more realistic clinical practice in a controlled environment.

He added: “The students really like it and it’s amazing how separate they feel on the other side of the partition.

“Having use of this kind of equipment to benefit our students’ learning will ultimately lead to improved patient safety when they enter the workplace.”

Andrew Butler, Business Development Manager at KwickScreen, said: “The way the team at Bucks New University is using the screens is a great example of how easy it can be to create seamless sequential simulations that really enhance the student experience.

“It is a pleasure to see the KwickScreens making a difference, and we're very proud to be able to say that we're having a positive impact on the culture of patient safety and the training and development of medical professionals."

KwickScreens create high-fidelity backdrops for simulation training. Bespoke inners can be interchanged to quickly and easily switch between scenarios to allow realistic settings with minimum effort.

Watch a film of the partitions in use at Bucks New University, below.

Picture caption: A KwickScreen in use at Bucks New University.


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