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Date: 24th Nov 2016

The UK is proving resilient following the Brexit vote and the Office for National Statistics has credited the services sector, of which the creative industries including film and TV is a part, for helping to keep the country strong.

At Buckinghamshire New University, Frazer Mackenzie (pictured), Head of the School for Arts & Creative Industries, says it is 'providing a platform' for students to take advantage of the strength of the creative industries in the UK.

He speaks as it is revealed that the transport, storage and communications sectors increased 2.2% in the third quarter, versus just 0.6% in the second quarter; and within this film and TV programme production grew by 16.4% in the three months to the end of September 2016, outstripping other industries within the sectors. Overall UK GDP growth was 0.5% in the quarter.

Bucks New University was at UCAS Design Your Future at Manchester Central Convention Complex, giving potential students the opportunity to find out about how studying with us can lead to a career in the creative arts and associated career avenues.

Mr Mackenzie said: "Design Your Future is the perfect event for us to show prospective students how exciting a future career in the creative industry can be.

"It's also the perfect platform for universities like ours to demonstrate how study for a degree is still a fantastic way of establishing the network fo contacts and portfolio of work needed to be a success in the creative industries."

Ideal environment

Mr Mackenzie said: "Universities are the ideal environment for fostering creativity and providing a platform for students to go on to work in what is the second largest employment sector, in terms of contribution to GDP, in the UK after the financial sector.

"At Bucks New University we provide students with the opportunity to work collaboratively across a wide range of creative industry disciplines including fashion, creative advertising, graphics, textiles, film and TV, audio and music, animation, product design and music and events management.

"This very much mirrors what is happening in the sector, where creatives come together to deliver work for clients, project commissioners, large public events and installations.

"We encourage students to use their time at University to not only develop their creative skills but also to build their portfolio of work and clients which will help them establish their career as a freelance creative.

"University is also the place where entrepreneurial students can start their own creative businesses, making use of all the University's resources and expertise to increase their chances of success. It not only gives them  a place to study for a degree qualification, but equally important, they have a  place where they can build their network of contacts in a supported environment."

Strength of the sector

Mr Mackenzie said this focus on developing students to work in the creative industries should bode well for the continued strength of the sector.

He added: "Bucks New University provides the creative industries sector with graduates who are ready to hit the ground running. Our students are equipped with not only the necessary expertise to succeed, but also critically, the commercial awareness of how the creative industries contributes to the global economy and business success.

In addition,  many creative businesses, or business requiring creativity to drive their products and services, engage with our students and staff on a wide variety of curriculum and extra curriculum projects. Many of these projects lead to direct employment after graduation, and employers benefit from the students fresh approaches to meeting business needs."


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