Date: 19th May 2016

The Centre for Excellence in Telehealth and Assisted Living (CETAL) - delivered by Buckinghamshire New University - is proud to be part of a two-year Erasmus project focused on tackling rising levels of Type 2 diabetes and obesity amongst young people across Europe. Natalie Woods and Rafid Al-Khannak from the CETAL team have recently returned from an Erasmus workshop in Turkey at which they presented information about Type 2 diabetes in school children in the UK and how the application of information technology could assist in the management of the condition. Members of the Erasmus workshop in Turkey

CETAL's role in the project is to establish a framework to develop software applications and an educational webpage that will help young adults with diabetes to understand their condition; promote wellbeing; prevent complications and encourage a healthy life style.

Students from the Cappadocia Vocational College presented their research into diabetes and obesity in school children in Turkey at the workshop. The Nevsehir Public Health Directorate discussed the findings of a large scale study into the prevalence of diabetes and obesity in school children in the Nevsehir district of Turkey.

Firas Sarhan, Director at CETAL, who also participated in the workshop said: "We were asked to join this project in recognition of our expertise in designing and delivering telehealth solutions. This project is an excellent fit with CETAL's aim to use evolving technology to create innovative tools for key health issues. We are working closely with our project partners to develop ways to help address the growing numbers of young people with diabetes and obesity."

CETAL develops Telehealth packages based on proven clinical models and assessed technology to meet the specific clinical needs of people with long term conditions such as chronic obstructive airway disease, chronic heart failure; dementia; diabetes and neurological and mental health conditions.

Bucks New University is one of six partner institutions involved in the Erasmus project. The others are the Duisburger Werkkiste Vocational College in Germany and four Turkish institutions: Cappadocia Vocational College; Nevsehir Provincial National Education Directorate; Nevsehir Public Health Directorate; and  Kapadokya Development Association. The project is co-ordinated by Fusun Hepdinc from the Cappadocia Vocational College in Turkey.


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