Major improvements


Date: 7th Jun 2016

Buckinghamshire New University is planning a raft of improvements at its campuses in High Wycombe and Uxbridge, including new student accommodation and a major enhancement to the external appearance of its main building (South Wing) opposite Wycombe Hospital.

The bulk of the work at the University, which is based at Queen Alexandra Road, High Wycombe and Oxford Road, Uxbridge, is due to be completed by September 2014, as part of a four-year investment in upgrading its facilities.

The University is drawing up proposals to add 108 bedrooms in two blocks at its three-acre Hughenden Park Student Village in Hughenden Road, High Wycombe, where it already has 234 student rooms in four blocks. It is planned to open the new blocks by September 2014.

Glass panels are also to be installed in front of insulated walling on the side of its South Wing on Queen Alexandra Road, to complement its award-winning Gateway building and present a much more attractive face to Wycombe Hospital. This will also help the University build on its commitment to reduce carbon emissions by 50 per cent by 2020, along with the installation of new heating and cooling systems.

The University is also redeveloping the top floor of the building for use by its Faculty of Society & Health, with new teaching rooms and other flexible space being created on the floor below. It is considering installing eco-friendly solar panels on the roof of South Wing, similar to ones successfully installed on top of its Timberlake building which have saved 22,000kWh of energy and reduced the University’s carbon emissions by over 11 tonnes. This work will also be finished by September 2014.

Other plans at the High Wycombe Campus include the provision of a ground air operational suite, complete with aircraft cabin and check-ins, for use by its Air Transport students. The social space outside the University’s Students’ Union Venue near Lily’s Walk is to also be expanded.

At its Brook Street Halls of Residence in High Wycombe, home to more than 400 students, new toilet and shower facilities will be installed by September 2013.

At its Uxbridge Campus, the University is to install new childcare and mental health skills laboratories, to open by September 2013, and create new teaching rooms on the top floor of its four-storey building, which is the base for its nursing and healthcare students. It is also providing student accommodation at Uxbridge through an expanded Head Tenancy scheme in response to increased local student demand.

In addition to these major building projects, the University will be undertaking a range of programmes to improve its online learning and IT capabilities.

Derek Godfrey, Deputy Vice Chancellor, said: “We are excited by these developments which are being made to meet the needs and expectations of our current and future students.

"It is four years since Bucks New University opened our flagship Gateway building and we are delighted to have been given the green light to invest in further improving our facilities. This work will help the University continue to grow and improve the everyday experience for both students and staff.”


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