Hannah Wilcock


Date: 16th Aug 2016

A Buckinghamshire New University student who came to higher education through Clearing and has achieved a first in her degree has advice for students receiving their A-level results this week.

Hannah Wilcock graduates in BA (Hons) Event and Festival Management and is now looking forward to launching a successful career. She came through Clearing after a year looking for a job in hospitality and has three points of advice for anyone receiving their A-level results this week and considering applying to university through Clearing.Hannah Wilcock.

Hannah said ensuring the right choice of university, the most appropriate course, and appreciating how to approach the Clearing process were key factors.

She said: "Look up the university you are interested in on social media. Every student is on social media nowadays so you can get a look from the student's perspective as to what their university experience is like.

"You will often find group pages on Facebook for different courses and societies offered at a particular university, which can always be very helpful to have a browse through.

"To ensure you have made the right choice of course you should look at other universities to see what they offer and read the course description carefully to ensure that each module is to your taste and that it is what you actually want to study. You'll find that although many universities offer the same course the way it is delivered and the modules studied can vary a lot.

"Finally, when approaching the Clearing process, make sure you call the university you wish to apply to and they will fill you with knowledge, confidence and information you need for attending that university.

"I was extremely nervous before calling Bucks New University but the Admissions team at Bucks New University were very informative and reassuring and made the process very easy. It was much easier than I thought it would be!"

Find out more and contact Bucks New University at www.bucks.ac.uk/clearing. The telephone number is 0330 123 2023 and live chat is also available.

Picture caption: Hannah Wilcock has gained a first in BA (Hons) Event and Festivals Management.


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