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Date: 8th Apr 2016

A Buckinghamshire New University Performing Arts graduate has won two prestigious awards at the National Student Drama Festival, with The Times and The Sunday Times.

Modupe Salu, who graduated in BA (Hons) Performing Arts (Film, TV and Stage), won the Buzz Goodbody Student Director Award and Spotlight Most Promising Actress Award at the week-long annual event in Scarborough.Modupe Salu will perform I Can't Breathe at the National Student Drama Festival.

Modupe performed a piece she submitted for her dissertation, called I Can't Breathe, which is a personal reflection on issues of race-related violence and cultural prejudice. She performed it four times and took part in workshops.

Modupe said: "I wasn't expecting to win the awards and had even forgotten there was an award ceremony at the end so for me it was great to be acknowledged for my hard work in creating the piece by myself and appreciating the art in it.

"I always look forward to the future but after the huge appreciation of my work at the festival it has pushed me to keep going, keep creating honest work and keep being myself, as that's all I was at the show and everyone seemed to connect with that.

"My week at the National Student Drama Festival was a breath of fresh air, due to the breathtaking seaside location and because of what I witnessed and what I was a part of.

"The week was packed full of watching shows by the other selected companies and students and every day was amazing as I really got to see a diverse range of theatre. Each play I watched was completely different and gave me an insight in the different styles of theatre people are creating.

"I was also asked to take part in a panel question and answer talk on funding yourself, life after university and working as a freelance actor, which was an insightful experience for me as well.

"Discussing my work the day after the performance was quite daunting at first but ended up being really fun. I found it really interesting to hear what people thought and how it made them feel, as well as expressing the creative process I went through for my piece and what it meant to me."

Modupe was supported at the festival by BA (Hons) Performing Arts (Film, TV and Stage) course leader Dr Nicholas Fryer, and fellow graduates Jenny Wade, who is Vice President for Education and Welfare at Bucks Students' Union, and Adam Zaman. Modupe can also be seen on the home page of the festival website, here:

Photos: Modupe Salu performing I Can't Breathe at the National Student Drama Festival. Photos credit: Giulia Delprato.


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