Resources Committee

The Resources Committee meets three times a year and reports to Council. The Resources Committee is responsible for recommending the annual operating and capital budget.

Resources Committee consists of the Chair and Deputy Chair of Council, the Vice-Chancellor and a minimum of 6 (maximum 8) independent or co-opted members of Council (one of whom will be Chair).

Membership for the academic year 2016-2017 is as follows:

NamePositionTerm / Category of Office
Terri TeasdaleIndependent MemberChair
Dr Michael HipkinsChair of CouncilEx-officio
Jenny NewtonDeputy Chair of CouncilEx-officio
Professor Rebecca BuntingVice-ChancellorEx-officio
Irene KirkmanIndependent Member 
Dr Lise LlewellynIndependent Member 
Anthony MurphyIndependent Member  
Ken McCreaCo-opted Member 

The Pro Vice-Chancellor with responsibility for resources, the Director of Finance and the Director of Human Resources will also be in attendance.

a. To recommend to Council for approval the core resource strategies of the University (including Estates Strategy, Finance Strategy, Human Resources Strategy and Information Strategy).

b. To receive or obtain assurance that the resource strategies are being implemented effectively through the consideration of progress reports and exception reports from the Director and/or responsible member of Directorate and to report any substantive issue to Council for consideration, action or decision.

c. To approve variations to the Financial Plan within the limits of delegated authority of the committee.

d. To recommend to Council for approval the Business Plans of University business initiatives with a view to their incorporation as new subsidiary companies.  To recommend to Council for approval annually the Business Plans of current subsidiary companies, unless Council has delegated consideration of these individually to the Senior Management Team.

e. To recommend to Council for approval the policy in relation to fees and bursaries and the proposed levels of fees and bursaries set by the University.

f. To recommend to Council for approval the framework of pay and conditions of service of employees (except senior employees) as part of the Human Resources strategy.

g. To recommend to Council the Financial Plan and budgets and to Audit Committee, the annual audited accounts of the University.  To receive the annual audited accounts of its subsidiary companies.

h. To approve the Students’ Union budget and to receive or obtain assurance the Union’s expenditure is effectively monitored.  To receive the annual audited accounts of the Students’ Union prior to their presentation to Council.

i. To undertake such work related to the University’s resources as the Council may from time to time delegate to it.

Meeting dates for 2016-2017 are as follows:

DateStart TimeEnd TimeLocation Meeting Type 
25 October 201616:0018:00S2.04, HWNormal
7 March 201716:0018:00G5.05, HWNormal
27 June 201716:0018:00G5.05, HWNormal

Secretary: Ellie Smith, Director of Academic Quality and Clerk to Council (x3554)
Minute Secretary: Kam Ahumibe, Registrar: Governance, Academic Quality Directorate (x5654)