Governance Committee

The Governance Committee meets three times a year and reports to Council. The Governance Committee is responsible for looking after issues relating to the governance of the University.

Governance Committee consists of the Chair and Deputy Chair of Council, the Vice-Chancellor, the President of the Students' Union and 3 independent members of Council.

Membership for the academic year 2016-2017 is as follows:

NamePositionTerm / Category of Office
Jenny NewtonDeputy Chair of CouncilEx-officio (Chair)
Professor Rebecca BuntingVice-Chancellor, Internal MemberEx-officio
Joseph CollinsPresident of the Students' Union, Internal MemberEx-officio 
Dr Michael HipkinsChair of CouncilEx-officio
Hillary MullenAcademic Elected Member 
Anthony MurphyIndependent Member 
Dr Susan RosserIndependent Member

a. To keep under review the membership, recruitment strategy and policy (including the skills matrix and target membership profile) of the Council and to make recommendations to Council for changes as appropriate.

b. To monitor and review the implementation of the governance arrangements under the scheme of delegation to ensure they remain current and appropriate.

c. To evaluate and to report at least annually to the Council on the effectiveness of the Council.

d. To receive reports from the Clerk on the status of memberships and terms of office and to monitor the retirements schedule.

e. To receive proposals regarding changes to the terms of reference and membership of Committees of Council and Senate and make recommendations to Council.

f. To review annually Council members’ attendance at Council and its Committees and approve individual Council members as members of Council’s Committees.

g. To approve the policy for allowances and expenses for members of Council.

h. To undertake work related to governance which the Council may from time to time delegate.

i. To be responsible for the timely management of succession planning in respect of Chair and Deputy Chair.

j. To recommend to Council nominations for new members.

k. To recommend to Council changes to procedure and process in respect of the management of Council business.

l. To recommend to Council proposed changes to the Instrument and Articles of Government.

m. To approve minor amendments to the Students’ Union Constitution.

n. On behalf of Council as shareholder, to nominate as Directors at least one member of Council and at least one member of the Senior Management Team to each of the University’s subsidiary companies’ Boards of Directors.  To have the right of approval, on Council’s behalf, of all other Directors of subsidiary companies and to nominate the shareholder’s representatives at Annual General Meetings of subsidiary companies.

o. To approve employment-related policies pursuant to the Human Resources Strategy and the Single Equality Scheme and action plan.
(Note: not in relation to Senior Employees – see Remuneration Committee)

p. To approve regulations relating to the conduct of employees and procedures relating to grievances, dismissal on grounds of misconduct, capability, medical incapacity, redundancy and procedures on appointment, promotion and public interest disclosure.

q. To receive or obtain assurance that the framework and procedures for pay and conditions and for grievance and dismissal are appropriate and effective.  
(Note: not in relation to Senior Employees – see Remuneration Committee)r. To recommend to Council the Health and Safety policy.

s. To receive or obtain assurance that the Health and Safety issues are pro-actively managed in line with Health and Safety policy and relevant legislation through an annual report and periodic exception reports as appropriate.

t. To recommend to Council the University’s policies on equality and diversity and to receive or obtain assurance that appropriate strategies are in place to manage equality and diversity issues effectively.

Meeting dates for 2016-2017 are as follows:

DateStart TimeEnd TimeLocation Meeting Type 
11 October 201616:0018:00VCCR, HWNormal
7 February 201716:0018:00VCCR, HWNormal
23 May 201716:0018:00VCCR, HWNormal

Secretary: Ellie Smith, Director of Academic Quality and Clerk to Council (x3554)
Minute Secretary: Kam Ahumibe, Registrar: Governance, Academic Quality Directorate (x5654)