Council is the University's governing body and conducts its business according to the Instrument and Articles of Government as approved by the Privy Council.

Council is responsible for the educational character and mission of the University, financial probity, employment policy for all staff and corporate policies, rules and procedures to assure effective governance. It is also charged with establishing an Audit Committee, establishing a Senate and keeping its constitution under review, and making recommendations to the Privy Council regarding any necessary revisions to the Instrument and Articles of Government.

Scheduled meetings of Council will take place five times a year. Normally there will be three business meetings (one each term), one strategic meeting (annually) and one joint meeting each academic year with Senate.

Membership for the academic year 2016-2017 is as follows:

NamePositionTerm / Category of Office
Dr Michael HipkinsIndependent Member
(Chair 1-Sept-2016 onwards)
Appointed (1-Aug-2011 to 31-Jul-2015 and 1-Aug-2015 to 31-Jul-2019)
Jenny NewtonIndependent Member
(Deputy Chair 1-Sept-2016 onwards)
Appointed (1-Aug-2011 to 31-Jul-2015 and 1-Aug-2015 to 31-Jul-2019)
Joanna BoardmanElected Member of Professional Service (PSE) StaffElected (1-Nov-2016 to 31-Jul-2020)
Professor Rebecca BuntingVice-ChancellorEx-officio
Gurdeep ChadhaIndependent MemberAppointed (1-Aug-2015 to 31-Jul-2019) 
Joseph CollinsPresident of the Students' UnionEx-officio
Baljit DhillonIndependent MemberAppointed (1-Aug-2011 to 31-Jul-2015 and 1-Aug-2015 to 31-Jul-2019)
Dr Maggie JamesIndependent MemberAppointed (1-Aug-2013 to 31-Jul-2017)
Irene KirkmanIndependent MemberAppointed (1-Aug-2016 to 31-Jul-2020) 
Dr Lise LlewellynIndependent MemberAppointed (1-Aug-2015 to 31-Jul-2019)
Ken McCreaCo-opted MemberAppointed (1-Aug-2013 to 31-Jul-2017) 
Tim MarshallCo-opted MemberAppointed (1-Aug-2013 to 31-Jul-2017)
Hilary MullenElected Member of Academic StaffElected (2-Jan-2013 to 31-Jul-2017)
Anthony MurphyIndependent MemberAppointed (1-Aug-2015 to 31-Jul-2019)
Dr Susan RosserIndependent MemberAppointed (1-Aug-2016 to 31-Jul-2020) 
Bob ShennanIndependent MemberAppointed (1-Aug-2016 to 31-Jul-2020)
John SmithIndependent MemberAppointed (1-Aug-2015 to 31-Jul-2019)
Terri TeasdaleIndependent MemberAppointed (1-Aug-2009 to 31-Jul-2013 and 1-Aug-2013 to 31-Jul-2017)
Sue WestSenate RepresentativeNominated (19-Oct-2016 to 31-Jul-2018) 
Phil WoodSenate RepresentativeNominated (15-Dec-2015 to 31-Jul-2017)

Additionally, the Pro-Vice-Chancellors, Director of Finance, Director of Strategic Development & Planning and other senior staff of the University attend meetings at the invitation of the Chair.

a. To determine the educational character and mission of the University and be responsible for oversight of its activities.

b. To be responsible for the effective and efficient use of resources, the solvency of the University and the Corporation and for safeguarding their assets.

c. To approve annual estimates of income and expenditure.

d. To be responsible for the appointment, grading, assignment, appraisal, suspension, dismissal and determination of the pay and conditions of service of holders of senior posts.

e. To set a framework for the pay and conditions of service of all other staff.

f. To be responsible for corporate policies, rules and procedures to assure the effective governance of the Corporation, including an anti-fraud and anti-corruption policy, and a code of practice on governance and related procedural matters.

g. To establish an Audit Committee.

h. To establish such other committees to advise Council, as determined by Council from time to time.

i. To establish a Senate and approve, amend or revise its constitution and terms of reference.

j. To make recommendations to the Privy Council as appropriate regarding any necessary revisions of Instrument and Articles of Government.

Meeting dates for 2016-2017 are as follows:

DateStart TimeEnd TimeLocation Meeting Type 
21 November 201616:0017:00The Room, HWJoint meeting of Senate and Council
21 November 201617:3019:30G5.05, HWBusiness Meeting
20 March 201716:0018:003.07, UXBusiness Meeting
6 June 2017TBCTBCUCAVStrategic Meeting
10 July 201716:0018:00Missenden AbbeyBusiness Meeting


10 July 2017To follow
6 June 2017To follow
20 March 2017To follow
21 November 2016 (includes Joint Senate-Council)

2016.11.21 CNC Minutes Open (pdf)

2016.11.21 JSC Minutes (pdf)


11 July 20162016.07.11 CNC Minutes (pdf)
7 June 20162016.06.07 CNC Minutes (pdf)
21 March 20162016.03.21 CNC Minutes (pdf)
23 November 20152015.11.23 CNC Minutes (pdf)
6 October 20152015.10.06 CNC Minutes (pdf)


6 July 20152015.07.06 CNC Minutes (pdf)
2 June 20152015.06.02 CNC Minutes (pdf)
23 March 20152015.03.23 CNC Minutes (pdf)
10 February 20152015.02.10 CNC Minutes (pdf)
24 November 2014 (includes Joint Senate-Council)

2014.11.24 CNC Minutes (pdf)

2014.11.24 JSC Minutes (pdf)

14 October 20142014.10.14 CNC Minutes (pdf)


7 July 20142014.07.07 CNC Minutes (pdf)
10 June 20142014.06.10 CNC Minutes (pdf)
31 March 20142014.03.31 CNC Minutes (pdf)
18 February 20142014.02.18 CNC Minutes (pdf)
25 November 2013 (includes Joint Senate-Council)

2013.11.25 CNC Minutes (pdf)

2013.11.25 JSC Minutes (pdf)

15 October 20132013.10.15 CNC Minutes (pdf)


8 July 20132013.07.08 CNC Minutes (pdf)
4 June 20132013.06.04 CNC Minutes (pdf)
18 March 20132013.03.18 CNC Minutes (pdf)
5 February 20132013.02.05 CNC Minutes (pdf)
19 November 2012 (includes Joint Senate-Council)

2012.11.19 CNC Minutes (pdf)

2012.11.19 JSC Minutes (pdf)

16 October 20122012.10.16 CNC Minutes (pdf)


9 July 20122012.07.09 CNC Minutes (pdf)
29 May 20122012.05.29 CNC Minutes (pdf)
19 March 20122012.03.19 CNC Minutes (pdf)
7 February 20122012.02.07 CNC Minutes (pdf)
21 November 2011 (includes Joint Senate-Council)

2011.11.21 CNC Minutes (pdf)

2011.11.21 JSC Minutes (pdf)

18 October 20112011.10.18 CNC Minutes (pdf)


11 July 20112011.07.11 CNC Minutes (pdf)
7 June 20112011.06.07 CNC Minutes (pdf)
21 March 20112011.03.21 CNC Minutes (pdf)
8 February 20112011.02.08 CNC Minutes (pdf)
22 November 2010 (includes Joint Senate-Council)

2010.11.22 CNC Minutes (pdf)

2010.11.22 JSC Minutes (pdf)

19 October 20102010.10.19 CNC Minutes (pdf)

If you require minutes prior to this date please contact the Academic Quality Directorate.

Secretary: Ellie Smith, Director of Academic Quality and Clerk to Council (x3554)
Minute Secretary: Kam Ahumibe, Registrar: Governance, Academic Quality Directorate (x5654)