University Council

Council  is the governing body of the University. It carries out its business by following the Instrument and Articles of Government approved by the Privy Council.

Council is responsible for the educational character and mission of the University. It oversees financial probity, the employment policy for staff and the corporate policies, rules and procedures that underpin how Bucks is governed.

It is also Council’s responsibility to establish an Audit Committee, set up a Senate and keep its constitution under review, and make recommendations to the Privy Council if the Instrument or the Articles of Government need revising.

In addition to the Audit Committee, Council has established a number of sub-committees to support its work. See the separate sub-pages for more information about these bodies, including terms of reference, membership, minutes (Council only) and dates of meetings for the current academic year.

The Council Committees document includes full details of constitutions and terms of reference, as well as a structure diagram, while the Council Procedures and Scheme of Delegation provide further information on how Council operates.

The constitution allows for 25 Council members. Most members are independent or co-opted from beyond the University. There are also five members of University staff, including:

  • The Vice-Chancellor
  • An elected academic representative
  • An elected representative of the University’s Professional Service Employees (PSEs)
  • Two members nominated from the membership of Senate

The President of Bucks Students’ Union is also a member.

As well as their duties on Council, Council members are expected to serve on at least one standing or sub-committee. There are currently five standing committees that report into Council. These are Audit, Governance, Honorary Awards, Remuneration and Resources committees.

The Council Membership pages contain full profiles of our current members.

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If you would like to use the University Seal and/or our Coat of Arms, please make sure to follow our guidelines. You can read about the process involved and download an application form via the links below.

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