Student Protection Plan

When you accept an offer and register for Bucks programme, we fully expect to be able to deliver that programme through to the completion of your studies. However, certain circumstances may mean that it is no longer possible for that programme to continue to be delivered as initially intended. Student Protection Plans are intended to provide assurance to current and future students that higher education providers have in place appropriate arrangements to protect the quality and continuation of study for their students.

Our Student Protection Plan (with its appended Risk Register) has been approved by the UK Government's higher education regulator, the Office for Students (OfS). Our Plan:

  • Identifies a range of scenarios that may impact on students at either the University or at one of its educational partners
  • Analyses the probability of each scenario occurring and the level of impact on a student or cohort of students
  • Identifies how the University manages and mitigates the risk associated with each scenario to prevent it from occurring, and
  • Confirms how the University will respond to protect the interests of its students should one such scenario occur.

The following guiding principles have underpinned its development and accord with those set out in our Terms and Conditions of Admission. That the University:

  • Will make every effort to ensure that the programmes it offers to students are delivered as validated
  • Accepts that it may be necessary to make changes to its provision to maintain currency and validity
  • Will seek to minimise disruption to students
  • Will consider the specific impact of changes to its provision by assessing its impact on the student population, including any perceived differential impact on particular stakeholder groups, e.g. its widening participation population
  • Will endeavour at all times to keep students appropriately informed with regard to changes that may be necessary and will bring these to their attention as soon as possible
  • Will inform the Office for Students of events, not including the closure of an individual course, that require the implementation of the provisions of this Plan.

The Plan is owned by Council, our Governing Body, which has responsibility for assuring the effective governance of the University and ensuring that it meets statutory and other legal obligations. It will be reviewed and updated as necessary on an annual basis.