Gender Pay Gap

The Government introduced legislation in 2017 for organisations with over 250 employees to report their Gender Pay Gap. The gender pay gap is defined as the difference between the mean or median hourly rate of pay that male and female employees receive.  I’m sure you are aware that there has been much media interest in this matter.

The mean gender pay gap for the University is 10.31% and the median is 10.75%.  This represents an improvement of 0.28 percentage points in the mean gap from last year from 10.59%, while the median gap remains the same. This compares favourably with the latest Higher Education sector mean of 14.9% and median of 13.7%. Please see our full Gender Pay Gap Reports for more information.

As a University with a commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion, this favourable position is not a reason for complacency but rather an opportunity for us to examine and understand the data and reasons for the gap.  We are confident that males and females are paid equally for doing equal jobs across the university. There are a number of reasons for the gap, from the gender distribution of senior roles, to time in service where incremental points affect pay. and through the University Gender Pay Gap Action Plan we continuously seek to improve the pay gap between our female and male employees..

Prof. Nick Braisby

March 2019