Induction & Interim Visits

All newly appointed External Examiners will be invited to attend an induction day. Professional practitioner External Examiners who do not have a background in academia, and appointees who have not previously held an External Examiner post, will be especially encouraged to attend the induction day.

Attending an induction will give you the opportunity to be briefed on the key duties and responsibilities of your role and trends, areas of concern and good practice that have been highlighted to the University in previous annual reports.

If you are unable to attend for an induction, please download a copy of the presentation.

Interim Visit
All External Examiners are expected to attend an Interim Visit midway through the academic year. This will give you an opportunity to meet with School staff and course teams, meet students and review student work. You will also be able to be updated on any changes to procedures and policies.

To book an interim visit, please contact the Student and Course Administration Team.