External Examiners

External examiners are individuals drawn from academia, industry, business or the professional sector. They are appointed by higher education providers to provide them with independent and impartial advice on the quality and standards of their awards. Drawing on their experiences and specialism, external examiners provide informed comment on student achievement in relation to those standards and an external view on how these compare to other institutions.

At Bucks, we value the contribution made by our external examiners. They are an integral and essential part of our quality assurance processes and we place great importance on their comments on the standards of assessments, identification of good practice, appropriateness of our processes and achievement of our students. We ask external examiners to complete an annual report which feeds into the annual review and evaluation of our programmes.

The Governance team in the Academic Quality Directorate (AQD) is responsible to Senate for operation of our external examiner procedures. Through the External Examiners Approval Panel, we co-ordinate the nomination and approval of appointments. We receive, distribute and analyse external examiner reports across the University. We also publish the External Examiner's Handbook which provides information on the process and role at Bucks and links to other information that may be of use. Day to day activities are undertaken directly by School Registry teams.

For more information please contact Marcus Wood, Senior Registrar: Governance via email at external.examiners@bucks.ac.uk or by phone on 01494 605066.

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