Race Equality Charter

Bucks New University is committed to addressing racial inequalities and creating an inclusive culture and environment where individuals are able to thrive, irrespective of their race or ethnicity. To help facilitate progress, we are currently working towards an application for ECU’s Race Equality Charter.

We are committed to the principles of the Race Equality Charter below as outlined by Advance HE (ECU):

  • Racial inequalities are a significant issue within higher education. Racial inequalities are not necessarily overt, isolated incidents. Racism is an everyday facet of UK society and racial inequalities manifest themselves in everyday situations, processes and behaviours.
  • UK higher education cannot reach its full potential unless it can benefit from the talents of the whole population and until individuals from all ethnic backgrounds can benefit equally from the opportunities it affords.
  • In developing solutions to racial inequalities, it is important that they are aimed at achieving long-term institutional culture change, avoiding a deficit model where solutions are aimed at changing the individual.
  • Minority ethnic staff and students are not a homogeneous group. People from different ethnic backgrounds have different experiences of, and outcomes from/within, higher education, and that complexity needs to be considered in analysing data and developing actions.
  • All individuals have multiple identities, and the intersection of those identities should be considered wherever possible.

To achieve success, we are forming a self-assessment team (SAT) comprised of a diverse group of colleagues who will survey our staff and student population to understand issues of racial identity, racial experience and racial inequality.  Once we have identified areas for improvement our SAT will form a University wide action plan to address these issues and make significant improvements. Achieving REC accreditation is part of a wider piece of work looking to understand the culture of Bucks New University and advance race equality.

We Stand In Solidarity

We condemn unreservedly the killing of George Floyd and do not tolerate racism or any kind of prejudice.

We stand in solidarity with all those opposing racial hatred and working for positive change in our communities, the UK and across the globe.

At Bucks, we value and are proud of everyone in our diverse and inclusive community. We work proactively to break down barriers and tackle racism. We are working with the UUK Advisory Group on Tackling Racial Harassment and are committed to the Advance HE Race Equality Charter.

We will always work with those tackling racial hatred and seeking to bring about change and equality.

If any of our students or staff have been affected by the current situation please remember, that just because campus is closed, we are still here for you and if you need any support contact: