Equality Monitoring

All employees are now able to update their equalities monitoring information at any time via the employee portal. To access the portal you need to be logged into OLP (off campus you will need to log in via the VPN link.), information can be updated by accessing the ‘change personal details’ tab in ‘Employee Services’.

Why do we ask you to update the information?

Your individual circumstances may have changed since you joined Bucks, for example:

  • Employees may choose not to disclose their disability because they are able to manage their workload, or don't require any additional support. However, an employee’s situation can change for a variety of reasons and this may impact on their decision or need to disclose. Further information can be found on the disclosing disability pages.
  • An employee may have been reluctant to disclose their sexual orientation when they applied for a post at Bucks, but now feels more comfortable to do so.

Why is it important to provide us with this personal information?

  • It’s about wanting to ensure that we make our services better by targeting them at the right people and that people from all backgrounds are represented.
  • If you are uncomfortable about disclosing your personal information you don’t have to do it, but it’s harder for us to understand the needs of our employees if we don’t know what they are.
  • Please note the information supplied is protected under the provisions of the Data Protection Act and will only be used anonymously for statistical purposes, both internally in conjunction with the Equality and Diversity and externally for approved bodies such as the Higher Education Statistical Agency (HESA).

Consultation on policies

We also have a statutory duty to consult with affected employees on the development and review of appropriate policies, equality schemes and action plans: to do this we need individuals who are willing to participate and share their views. Please, contact Siobhan Ferguson if you would be willing to take part in a focus group or other form of consultation.

Further information

You can view Stonewall's 'What's it got to do with you?' document (PDF) which addresses issues and concerns across all equality strands.

If you have any concerns or want to discuss your individual situation you can contact in complete confidence extension 5400 (e-mail: HumanResources@bucks.ac.uk)