Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

Why is EDI important?

Our vision is to be a vibrant inclusive community that inspires learning, develops potential, widens participation and ambitiously transforms lives.
We strive to create a work and study environment which is not only free from any form of discrimination but actively celebrates and values diversity. We are committed to equal opportunity across all the 'protected characteristics' defined in the Equality Act 2010.
Equality Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) underpins our values and influences everything we do.

What does this mean to you?

Whether you are a student, employee or a visitor, we will welcome and treat you with dignity and respect.
As a student, you’ll find our commitment to EDI set out in the Learning Partnership Agreement, which we have created in partnership with our Students' Union and also our Access and Participation strategy which promotes equality of opportunity for all students.
Our commitment to Equality Diversity and Inclusion is expressed and measured through our 2018 Equality Objectives and the University’s EDI action plan.  Our University Policies and Procedures also ensure that we promote and achieve our EDI goals.

Objective One

Ensure an inclusive campus, and learning and work environment for a diverse body of staff and students—proactively challenging discrimination or harassment.

  • Ensure this through provision of an inclusive curriculum, community building initiatives, appropriate technological learning environments, and physical access to University buildings and facilities.
  • Ensure that the Dignity at Work policy and Grievance procedure is updated and communicated to staff, and monitor KPIs and staff survey feedback relating to harassment cases.

Ensure that the processes for student complaints are transparent and robust and regularly evaluate their outcomes and effectiveness.

Objective Two

Attract a diverse group of staff and students and provide equal opportunities for them to fulfil their potential

  • Create a diverse group of senior staff (Ac4 /I and above), focusing on the representation of BAME and female staff to ensure that their profile exceeds sector benchmarks.
  • Meet the objectives for student access and outcomes in the University Access and Participation Plan to:
    • promote and provide equal opportunities for everyone to access higher education at Bucks, whatever their background or characteristics,
    • deliver equal opportunities for all learners at Bucks to continue in higher education and succeed in achieving good degree outcomes, and
    • deliver equal opportunities for all learners at Bucks to progress into higher level employment or further study.

Improve EDI reporting so data can increasingly inform and address any differential patterns across the protected characteristics with regards to recruitment, progression and attainment of staff and students.

Objective Three

Increase staff and student engagement with EDI, ensure that EDI is central to all University strategies and academic/ management committees and that senior staff lead by example

  • Ensure that EDI issues are discussed as a regular agenda item at UMG.
  • Ensure alignment with Access and Participation strategy.
  • Include EDI within the Bucks DRIVE values.

Ensure that School / Directorate action plans include measurable EDI objectives.

Objective Four

Improve the support and processes for staff and students around pregnancy, maternity, paternity childcare and caring responsibilities in line with the objectives of the Gender Pay Gap report 2019.

  • Re-write the Family Friendly policy and effectively communicate this to employees.
  • Ensure the curriculum and student policies accommodate breaks for maternity leave within courses and effective guidance information is available.

Ensure the Research Excellence Framework guidance includes robust procedures relating to special circumstances and family leave and this is publicised to employees.

We are proud to hold the 'disability confident employer' accreditation from Jobcentre Plus for having a positive approach to employing disabled people. We are also a signatory on the MINDFUL EMPLOYER charter and have signed the Time to Change pledge in partnership with the Students' Union. Within the higher education sector, we are a member of the Equality Challenge Unit (ECU).

Our policies also uphold our commitment to EDI.

The responsibility for day-to-day matters, advice on embedding equalities into all our practices and employee training falls to the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion leads for staff and students..

Our action plans  show the measures we are taking to promote EDI. The University Council actively monitor our work and publish findings every year, along with other equality monitoring information as part of our Public Sector Equality Duty.

To find out more please feel free to get in touch.

Anna Winsley – EDI lead for staff
Julie Irwin – EDI lead for students

Tel: 01494 605044