Mentoring Success Stories

It’s always great to hear how our mentoring service enhances our students' experiences, as well as those mentoring them.

Here are two examples of recent Bucks graduates and their experiences with the mentoring scheme at Bucks.

Julie and Jess

Julie Catlow: "Jess approached me for advice on an event she was organising, and offered her help at my events – I didn’t hesitate to mentor such a proactive and dedicated student.

I have every confidence that even without my support Jess would have secured a really good job on graduation, but I’m pleased my introduction to an employer, and coaching throughout her final year, helped Jess in some way. I look forward to following her career progression, and I know she will be successful whichever path she takes.”

Jessica Walker: "I was really lucky to have the opportunity to be mentored during my final year at Bucks. By having someone to speak to about my search for a job was really helpful. Whether it was reading my CV, interview practice, or just a general confidence boost, it really helped me secure my job. I would recommend that if you get the opportunity to be mentored, take it!"

Jude and Paul

Jude Windmill: "Throughout the year, my mentor Paul was instrumental in growing my confidence in my own ability and potential. We became good friends, and will be keeping in touch beyond the mentoring programme."

Paul Mott: "Working with Jude was a hugely rewarding and fulfilling experience. As someone who studied full time many years ago, it was enlightening to recall the challenges that students face when making decisions about career direction, applying for jobs, and even where in the world they want to live – something that wasn't as much a consideration 30 years ago!

Sharing career and life experiences is the most valuable tool a mentor can give the student, and I feel a real sense of pride to have played a tiny part in Jude's final year at university and will unquestionably follow her progress with interest in the future."