What's it all about?
Bucks Mentoring provides an opportunity for individuals with experience relevant to students to share this, along with giving support and guidance as required.

Keeping it simple, the mentors are those providing this help, and the mentees are those students gaining from this encouragement and advice.

This short video provides additional background.

Who is involved?
Our mentors come from varied backgrounds. They are often current students who have been identified as having the required skills, background and manner to provide such individual personal development.

Experienced working professionals, including former students through our alumni community, also get involved as mentors.

What are the benefits?

  • Mentees gain practical advice, build confidence, develop skills and learn from the experiences of others, which all helps in providing career insight and direction.
  • Mentors achieve a huge sense of fulfilment in passing on their skills and experience, and witnessing how this contributes to personal growth.
  • Getting involved also enhances the CV of both parties.
  • Bucks Mentoring is flexible offering sessions face to face or online, as agreed between participants.

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Want to apply?

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2nd or final year students wanting to help a 1st year:
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Bucks Student, any course or year, that wants to be mentored:
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