Emily Crellin's Story

Emily Crellin - (PGDip) Mental Health Nursing

Graduate Emily Crellin, a Specialist Eating Disorder Nurse with Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, says the support she received from lecturers at Bucks was ‘second to none’.

Emily, who studied a pre-registration Mental Health Nursing PGDip qualification, says Bucks’s 'world-class speciality areas' and quality of teaching gave her the best experience to prepare for work.

She says: "I am immensely proud to have studied at Bucks. I had completed other degrees at other universities but graduating from Bucks was the proudest I have ever felt.

"I feel that I was truly accepted in to the Bucks community by peers and staff, and the relationships I formed will remain for life.

“I am proud of the career Bucks has afforded me, and I will always be grateful for the opportunities, and the people.

"I have never felt more supported in a professional area and I felt that I could truly approach my lecturers and mentor to discuss anything, whether it be professional, or a personal matter which was affecting my professional progression. I valued the support from staff more than anything."

Emily says she chose Bucks partly because she was impressed with the University's links to NHS Trusts; its range of equipment; and the access to libraries, PCs, and other support across its campuses.

"I attended an Open Day and was instantly impressed by the tutors, who talked about mental health in such an engaging and positive manner, and I was struck by the passion the tutors evidently had for the subject," says Emily.

"As a mature student I didn't think when I started I would be nervous as I had already achieved undergraduate studies, but my first days were filled with trepidation!

"One of my best bits of University was making several close friends who will be friends for life. Through shared experiences, shared understanding of stress and deadlines, we formed friendships that can't be broken."

Emily says she was well supported throughout her degree, with link lecturers in regular contact during placements, and a strong adherence promoted to the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) Code, which underpins guidelines and values.

"The NMC Code made it easy for me to be confident in my role and to know how to work within my professional limits," added Emily.

"It also encouraged my confidence and understanding in teamwork, which has stood me in good stead as my career has progressed."

Emily, a mature student who gained her degree in 219, also enjoyed award success during her time at Bucks when Broadmoor Hospital’s Sheffield Ward won ‘Student Placement of the Year: Hospital’ at the Student Nursing Times Awards in 2019.

Emily had completed her placement on the ward and nominated it for the category, before attending the awards ceremony in London.

“That was an amazing experience,” she adds.

Emily was also awarded a prize for best performance in her final year and was asked to write and deliver a speech at her graduation ceremony at the Wycombe Swan Theatre.

She adds: "This particular experience filled me with pride, and I was overcome with a feeling that I really had achieved something amazing in becoming a Mental Health Nurse."

Looking back, she says she found balancing her postgraduate degree with her home and social life most challenging, but that only increased her sense of pride on graduating.

"The most surprising aspect was the sense of community that I found during placements, and in the University itself," adds Emily.

"As Nursing students, we all shared a common experience, regardless of areas of speciality. In placement, I was welcomed by colleagues and mentors because we were 'all in it together'. This made me feel sure that I was entering a profession I knew I would enjoy and could feel proud of.

"When it comes to studying at Bucks, I would encourage anyone to make the most of the support and opportunities available.

"Being a Nursing student is hard work but Bucks are well-equipped to support you, and ensure you complete your degree and achieve your best."