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Dr Roger Newham DMedEth, MA(Philosophy) BSc(Hons)

Professional experience

RN (UK and California USA)  HIV/AIDS  Infection Control

Scholarly interests

Ethics: metaethics; normative ethics and applied/professional ethics; Relationships between psychology, moral education and virtue ethics


Issues of normativity

Selected publications

Newham, R. (2015) ‘Virtue ethics and nursing: on what grounds? Nursing Philosophy, 16, pp.40-50.

Newham, R., Curzio, J., Carr, G. and Terry, L. (2014) ‘Contemporary nursing wisdom in the UK and ethical knowing: problem explicating the ethics of nursing ’. Forthcoming in Nursing Philosophy special edition pp1-7

Newham, R. (2013) ‘An internal morality: what it can and cannot do’ Nursing Philosophy, 14., pp. 109-116.

Newham, R. (2012) ‘Is there unity within the discipline? ’Nursing Philosophy, 13, pp. 214-223.

Newham, R A, Hawley, G (2007) ‘The relationship of ethics to philosophy’ in Hawley, G (ed) (2007) Ethics in Clinical Practice an Interdisciplinary Approach, Pearson Education, pp. 76-98