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Mr Phillip Wood MBE MSc

Professional experience

Phil Wood, Head of Department, Security and Resilience, has extensive depth of knowledge in a wide range of security, resilience and asset protection disciplines.  Before joining Buckinghamshire New University in September 2009, he was employed as a commissioned officer in the Royal Air Force Regiment and with an internationally recognised corporate security training company.  Throughout his military career, he was involved in counter-terrorism and physical security planning and implementation, as well as training development, coordination and provision to many audiences and professionals.  He also represented the UK in liaison with NATO committees and international armed forces personnel on security and anti-terrorist operational matters.   

As a specialist in protecting facilities and personnel, he had specific responsibility for physical, personnel and information security in an area where asset protection was essential to operational effectiveness.  During his subsequent career he has been involved in assessing, managing responses and designing solutions for resilience and organisational continuity, applying core principles and theories in effecting change and development in the protection of land-based assets and facilities.  He has worked on and designed resilience programmes for many organisations in recent years.   He has also developed and delivered training and consultancy in asset protection to corporate clients worldwide including many multinational companies and their senior security staff.   Phillip has a MSc in Security and Risk Management (Leicester), is a member of ASIS International, and has achieved the organization’s most senior designations, the CPP and PSP.  This provides him with a high degree of specialist asset protection, resilience and continuity knowledge in the physical, information, personnel and infrastructure domains alongside his academic and applied knowledge in security and risk management.

Scholarly interests

Organisational resilience; global emerging risks and threats, terrorism and activism.


Security, risk management, business continuity and organisational resilience

Selected publications

‘Resilient Thinking – Protecting Organisations in the 21st Century’ published by IT Governance Ltd November 2012 ISBN-10: 1849283826

Journal of Crowd Safety and Security Management Vol1 Issue 2 (December 2009) – ‘Security Management – will you see it through to the end?’

ASIS International European Conference April 2011 – ‘Is Security Ready for Emerging Risks?’

ASIS International European Conference March 2007 – ‘Aligning Security with Best Practice in Risk Management’

Transported Assets Protection Association Conference 2008 – ‘Don’t Forget Business Continuity’