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Mr Michael Everett CNNA BEd (Maths & Computing), ADP (RMC Shrivenham), MSc (Soft. Eng.) (RAF Rtd)

  • Principal Lecturer

Professional experience

Royal Air Force Education Officer (RAF College Cranwell) Lecturer in Military Software Development

Principal Lecturer (Bucks New University) Lecturer in Life Critical Software Engineering & OO Dev.

Scholarly interests

Critical Software Development and Validation with Formal Mathematics (e.g. Medical Software, Air Traffic Control Systems, Railway Signalling Control); Software Project Management & Risk Analysis; Software Reliability and Maintainability; Object-Oriented Software Engineering (e.g. Information Systems Dev.); Real-time embedded Systems Development (e.g. Avionic Control, Fire & Security Systems); Mobile Application Development. Quality Assurance Processes.


Software Engineering Theory & Practice; Requirement Engineering Process;Life Critical Software Dev; Formal Specification in the Software Process; Object Oriented Dev; Project Management;Delivering overseas Degree Programmes incorporating Flexible Distributed Learning Approaches.

Selected publications

Joint contributor to the publication of an Inter-Service research – ‘Computer Resources and Procedures within NATO’.

Developed, Validated and Delivered International Degree Programmes (BSc Computing (Top-Up))