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Bucks New University term dates

Please check with your faculty, your course/programme leader or your academic school if you are not sure which calendar applies to you. If you study part-time or are not an undergraduate student, you should also check as above, as your term dates may differ from those given below.

Calendar A refers to most full time undergraduate students who study at the High Wycombe campus.
Calendar B refers to students who study at the Uxbridge campus. It also applies to some students of the faculty of Society & Health who study at the High Wycombe campus.

Academic year calendar 2014-15

Academic year calendar 2015-16

Below is a table of suggested dates for the academic year 2014-15 that you may find helpful.
The University has various things going on throughout the year and these dates may be subject to change, depending on the course you are studying and the level you study at.

Calendar A

Mon 20 Apr – Fri 5 Jun Scheduled teaching weeks
Friday 19 June End of L6 Art & Design
 Mon 22 Jun – Fri 25 Sep  Summer break

Calendar B

Mon 13 Apr – Fri 12 Jun Scheduled teaching weeks
Mon 15 Jun – Fri 25 Sep Summer break