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Rob Brandon. Focused at Bucks.

Studied: Video Production with Creative Writing
Role: Director, Agile Films

From filmmaking pipe dreams, to filling TV screens...

Agile Films is a film production company based in Shoreditch, London. With a large in-house production and post-production team, they work with agencies both in the UK and abroad to create commercials, online content, animations, idents, promotional videos, and music videos.

“My day-to-day work consists of writing video treatments for songs that are usually sent from record labels and from bands. Occasionally I get to make those videos myself, and I have really exciting production days where I get to go out and direct pop stars.

“I think my Bucks degree has really helped with my confidence. I’m now more able to walk into a meeting, approach bands and pop stars and their record labels, and express myself without feeling silly about it – after all, a lot of the time I just write down whatever idea comes into my head, and it could be complete nonsense! But I think the degree has helped me to not be too worried about it, and to not censor myself too much. 

“Apart from the degree itself, Bucks has helped me get my work out there. I had some great tutors that, unbeknownst to me, entered a film that I’d made into a film festival, which was lucky enough to get nominated and then actually win. To have someone do that without me even asking was a real blessing for me, and it also gave me a little taste of success. 

“For me, the best thing about studying at Bucks was the people, being able to talk to tutors and other students, and being able to bring in work and get honest and meaningful feedback. I’d describe my experience at Bucks as inspiring, and ‘over too soon’ – I could always go back to being a student!”

*All information on this page was correct at time of publishing.