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Joanna Goddard

Name: Joanna Goddard Studied: MSc Child Protection and Adult Safeguarding
Role: Midwife for Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Women at Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

From starting something new to giving others the best possible start...

One of the largest trusts in the country, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is a leading national centre for specialist treatment, a government-designated comprehensive biomedical research centre, one of five academic health science centres in the UK and a university teaching hospital with a worldwide reputation.

“My degree from Bucks has enabled me to apply for and successfully get promotion in my career. It gave me researching and analytical skills, more in-depth knowledge, and all those things have contributed to give me greater professional confidence.

“The best thing about studying at Bucks was the flexibility of the course – practical flexibility, because I could fit it around full-time work. Also, I was free to choose my own course topics within a basic framework, so I could study what I was interested in. The course was geared to appeal to multi-agencies, so it wasn’t just healthcare, and I made friends with people from different professions.

“For me, it’s really about the degree. I came from an era where training was not a degree qualification, and now that I have a recognised academic qualification, it’s given me professional credibility.

“To students currently considering studying at Bucks, I would say think very carefully about the commitment, because it is a big thing to take on. Make sure to keep up with your work, and make full use of the tutors and facilities. I would sum up my experience as challenging, but very much worthwhile.” 

*All information on this page was correct at time of publishing.