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Gagan Talewar

Name: Gagan Talewar Studied: BA (Hons) Business and HR Management and MA HR Management
Role: Resourcing Coordinator, Ochre House

From passing the test to recruiting the best...

Ochre House, together with Pinstripe, forms the world’s largest independent provider of global recruitment-process outsourcing and talent-management solutions, serving organisations in the financial services, healthcare, technology, life sciences and advanced manufacturing industries.

“My Bucks degree has helped me quite a lot. It’s given me loads of tools and techniques to apply to the workplace. When a project comes to me, I’ll think about what I learned and be able to apply that quickly, and help others as well. It’s given me a variety of different skills, from analysing data to looking over the creative side. It also enabled me to start thinking outside of the box when bringing new ideas to the table.

“The best thing about studying at Bucks was the people. The lecturers and the people that I studied with were just brilliant, and the support I got was great. There’s a lot going on, loads of activities you can get involved with. They run an apprentice challenge every year, and there’s loads of social stuff you can get involved with as well. And the shopping centre is located right next to the uni, so that’s always quite handy!  

“Apart from the degree itself, Bucks has helped me by giving me a push in the right direction, making me more career-minded and focused on my goals. It also helped me focus on myself and remember to help others along the way. To anyone thinking of Bucks as an option, I’d say definitely apply. It’s a great place to be, and you’ll meet a lot of amazing people. I describe it as finding magic in an unexpected place. Just don’t spend too much time in the shopping centre!”

*All information on this page was correct at time of publishing.