Getting ready to study at university

Most students settle in very well to the new academic environment and quickly develop an understanding of the requirements of study at higher level. However, the transition to higher education can be a challenge.

The university's Learning Development Unit (LDU) aims to ensure that all students are doing as well as they possibly can academically. As well as being available during term time, the LDU also provides a number of 'Headstart' academic skills courses before the start of the academic year specifically for new students. These courses provide opportunities to develop new academic skills, find out more about studying and living at Bucks and start the process of meeting and making new friends.

Headstart courses

The LDU offers a four day Headstart academic skills course with the option of staying in Hughenden halls of residence. We also offer a one day writing workshop on a Saturday for those students unable to commit to the longer course, but who still want to be able to 'hit the ground running' when term starts.

The four day course provides students with opportunities to develop useful academic skills, understand the requirements of study at university level, get to know the university and make new friends.

The Saturday writing workshop will run on 16 September and is structured around the process of preparing for and completing written assignments.

Both of our Headstart courses consistently receive enthusiastic and positive feedback from attending students. For more information about these courses and to book a place on them can be found on the Bucks online store.

Social networking 

The University has a number of lively and active Facebook pages. Social networking tools such as this can be a really useful resource for new students, providing opportunities to establish contact with new class mates and flat mates, and to gain useful practical information about study and life at Bucks.


To find out more, phone us on 01494 603020 or email