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Institute for Diversity Research, Inclusivity, Communities and Society (IDRICS)

IDRICS works to ensure that high-quality research and evaluation is undertaken which contributes fully to the life of communities, agencies and service providers by providing robust evidence which supports the development of effective and efficient policies and practices in the areas of diversity, inclusivity and community studies. IDRICS integrates its work across inter-professional learning which grows our capability.

  • Consultancy: community cohesion and the arts, educational development, faith based social action, Gypsies and Travellers social inclusion, health needs consultations with excluded/vulnerable populations, homelessness and insecure accommodation, participatory action research, race equality, sensory impairment (deafness), substance misuse services; supporting refugees and asylum seekers.
  • Research: Provided across a full range of equalities domains in the following subject areas: applied social policy, arts, health, policing and management, probation service - appropriate delivery for BME clients, social care, sport and leisure, working with female and youth offenders.
  • Teaching, Learning and Training; including the provision of public lectures and specific training programmes or one-off sessions on subjects taught within the institution.


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