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Centre for Health Communications Research & Excellence (CHCR)

The Centre for Health Communications Research and Excellence (CHCR) focuses on the communication dilemmas, challenges, issues and problems faced by organisations in the health sector.

Our vision is to encourage the use of effective and professional communications to improve patient outcomes and strengthen the patient experience.

We work at the boundary between academe and the public sector delivering rigorous, evidence-based solutions in a timely fashion.

CHCR was launched in the summer of 2011 as a centre of excellence in Buckinghamshire New University. We have strong relationships with both public and private sector health and social care organisations.

We aim to be recognised as a best-in-class source of academic and applied research, teaching and consulting practice.

Current Projects
There are three lines of business for CHCR:

  1. Executive Education - In partnership with Cass Business School we are contributing to a leadership course to be delivered in the NHS. CHCR are responsible for delivering the Leadership component of this course.
  2. Evidence based Consultancy and training -this is being provided at five NHS trusts currently ; Suffolk NHS Trust, Imperial NHS Trust, Bucks Healthcare NHS Trust and North West London NHS Trust  and Hillingdon NHS Trust.
  3. Commercial Research - currently exploring the potential for social interaction technologies for medical intervention.

If you are interested in finding out more about these projects or would like to contact us to discuss further please contact Bill Nichols on

The global economic crisis of 2008/09 and the British general election of 2010 heralded dramatic change in the UK public sector. Deficit reduction is the order of the day. The years of automatic 'real-terms' growth in areas such as healthcare are now over - at least for the time being. However, health remains a large and important social/industrial sector that will continue to grow as Britain's population ages.

CHCR brings together expertise from across Bucks New University's faculties and from external sources too. It acts as a catalyst for innovative thinking in the field of health communication and an independent source of best-practice advice.

The centre undertakes:

  • academic research;
  • Postgraduate level teaching;
  • short courses for health practitioners;
  • practical / commercial research;
  • consultancy advice.

Contact us:
Dr Bill Nichols (pictured below centre)
Tel: 01494 522 141 ext. 4384