Research Repository

The Bucks Knowledge Archive is an invaluable resource that showcases the wealth of research and creative work that our staff and researchers carry out.

In the archive you’ll find everything from full-text journal articles and abstracts through to book chapters, monographs, conference papers and proceedings, PhD theses and creative work.

You can browse the archive to find material relevant to your own research, or for your own interests:

  • To browse Bucks New University material, only use ‘Browse by Member’ and select Bucks New University
  • The archive is a shared resource, so if you browse by Author or Year you will see material from other members.

By depositing your research or creative work in our Knowledge Archive, you’ll instantly make it accessible to a much wider audience. That could increase the impact of your research, and it could also be useful when you go on to seek funding for further research, as funding bodies ask for research to be deposited in an institutional repository.

You can deposit anything from PhD and research work through to field and interview support material, even video, music and digital games. Any material could come in useful for other researchers.

If you are depositing published material, you might have to ask the publisher to remove the clause that prohibits deposit in an institutional repository. If you can’t do this, we could still include a brief summary of your work in the repository, as this could be useful to other users.

If your work hasn’t yet been published then you will still have copyright of the material, unless you have set up a special agreement with the funding body or sponsor.

Know more about copyright.