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On arrival

Happy students

The day has arrived... your son or daughter is finally leaving home for university. The most important thing you can do is ensure that he or she is fully prepared.

So far, you've helped them with their application, helped to arrange their finance and discussed how they are feeling about their impending move.

You've probably also bought a fair number of items to take with them to their new home, and now it's time for your son or daughter to move in.


In order to take up their place or continue on their course each year, your son or daughter will need to formally enrol with us or with their chosen university.

Enrolling is essential as this gives the student access to the University facilities and campuses, as well as allowing them to attend lectures, seminars and workshops.

Individual enrolment instructions can be found in the welcome pack / email sent to your son or daughter upon accepting their place at Bucks.

Please be aware that if your son or daughter has taken out a student/study loan, they will not have access to this unless they complete enrolment each year.

As a new student, you son or daughter may be invited to attend an enrolment session during their induction week. It is essential that they bring photographic proof of identification with them, preferably their current passport. They should also bring any copies of their relevant qualifications which have not been confirmed by UCAS.

Further information about induction week will be available online at in the weeks leading up to the start of the academic year.

Basic Skills

Some new students may already be well practised in taking care of themselves and their surroundings, but some are not. The following basic skills are very likely to be necessary:

Knowing how to use a washing machine. There is a local laundrette or two but most student places are equipped with a washing machine so it's important your son or daughter can operate one themselves.

Being able to prepare and cook a few basic meals. There are numerous websites with recipes designed for students on a budget. If they haven't cooked much up to now, it may be an idea to try a few of these at home before heading to university.

Budgeting. This is probably the first time they have had to manage their money for living, rather than just for buying the latest console game! Students can easily get into debt with the range of credit cards / store cards / 'payday' loans on offer. It is vital you warn them of the pitfalls of these options. Websites that may help you to discuss and advise on budgeting are:

Citizens Advice - Budgeting Tool
Student Calculator

Cleaning. Sharing a flat or house with other students can result in a lot of dirt and mess- it's important to take responsibility for their own areas and also to stick to some sort of cleaning rota for communal areas.

Emergency contact. Ensure your son or daughter knows who to contact in an emergency while they are away from home, especially if you are not going to be available.

Facilities at Bucks

Hopefully, you will have discovered many of the facilities at Bucks on Open Day, but it is a good idea for your son or daughter to familiarise themselves with exactly what we have to offer, and where they are situated.

Find out more about the following facilities at our High Wycombe campus below:

Gateway GYM (Ground floor, The Gateway)
The GYM is fully equipped with an impressive mix of training equipment and provides users with everything they need for a complete workout experience.

Library (2nd floor, The Gateway)
The library offers students a wide range of learning resources online and in-print, along with the Bucks Knowledge Archive - a digital repository of research output from Bucks.

Learning Development Unit (LDU) (3rd floor, The Gateway)
The LDU works with students who are keen to develop their academic abilities and improve their grades, whatever their course, year, or ability level.

Multi-faith Chaplaincy (1st floor, north wing)
The team offers pastoral support and acts as a point of contact for several local faith communities.

Bucks Students' Union (Ground floor, north wing)
The SU is here to make student life as enjoyable and as rewarding as possible. They organise everything from gig nights and fundraising events to networking events and quiz nights.

Students' Union Advice Centre (Ground floor, north wing)
As well as all the fun elements of coming to university, Bucks Students’ Union are here to help and support our students too.

The Student Centre (Ground floor, north wing)
The Student Centre provides easier access to all student record administration and information. They also have access to the University’s advice and guidance services which may be required during their time at Bucks.

The Learning Partnership Agreement

Our Learning Partnership Agreement has been produced jointly by students, the Students' Union, and the University, and together we will review it each year.

The University is committed to continually improving the quality of its provision, and this agreement is one way of outlining that commitment to our students. It also highlights what is expected from your son or daughter in return.

Working together in partnership to ensure a positive and successful learning experience.

More information can be found in the Learning Partnership Agreement leaflet.

Safety and security

The town of High Wycombe has been awarded with the Purple Flag, a national award for town centres. Similar to the Blue Flag for beaches and the Green Flag for green spaces, it is backed by Government, police and business.

To win Purple Flag status, towns and cities must be welcoming to everyone, offer safe ways for visitors to travel home, provide a good mix of venues and attractions and appeal to visitors not just at night but during the day too.

Along with this, Bucks has been named in the university league tables as having a low crime rate - take a look at the heat map tool.

However, the area is completely crime-free, so students still need to be careful. Theft and burglary are the most common crimes, though many incidents are preventable with a few precautions.

  • Remind your son or daughter to avoid shortcuts through dark alleys.
  • Makesure they have a personal attack alarm and suggest that they don't walk alone late at night.
  • If they bring a bike to university, we suggest a sturdy lock.
  • Avoid being 'flashy' with mobile phones and laptops.
  • Always double check bedroom and window locks- they shouldn't leave windows open overnight or if they are not in the room.
  • Don't keep or leave valuables in communal areas.

One date to note in terms of safety is the National Personal Safety Day, organised by Suzy Lamplugh Trust. It is an annual event aimed at highlighting some of the simple, practical solutions that everyone can use to help avoid violence and aggression in today's society.

Finally, if your son or daughter does have any concerns about safety or security, please encourage them to speak to The Student Centre.