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Before arrival

We're aware of how much there is to consider before your son or daughter actually arrives at university, that's why we've compiled the information below to help you with the main concerns.

Getting ready to study at Bucks

Each year, the Learning Development Unit (LDU) runs campus-based pre-sessional courses, online social networking environments and activities for students about to begin their studies at Bucks.

These courses provide new students with an introduction to university life and are a great opportunity to make new friends. Students will also receive details of these courses in their welcome pack and email newsletters.


Your son or daughter has several options when finding somewhere to live during their time at university:

  • halls of residence (first year students only),
  • head tenancy scheme,
  • privately managed accommodation, or
  • lodgings.

Take a look at the accommodation section for full information and virtual tours.

Student Finance

The main student finance package consists of: 

  • tuition fee loan: to pay for the course, applicable to full-time and some part-time courses, this must be repaid.
  • maintenance loan: to help full-time students with living costs, such as accommodation, books and bills
  • maintenance grant: also to help full-time students with living costs. Grants don't need to be paid back but it is means-tested and dependent on household income. 

There is also a disabled students allowance - visit the website for detailed information on this.

Amounts vary depending on the course and individual circumstances.

As the parent or carer of a prospective student, you will usually need to support a student finance application with your own financial information. This can be slightly difficult as situations can vary, for example your child may have already moved out or be considered a mature applicant- the best place for advice on supporting an application can be found here.

Please remember that your son or daughter must complete enrolment at the start of each year of study. Failure to do so will result in grants and loans not being paid on time.