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Work with us

Participate in Career Events

Throughout the academic year Careers & Employability facilitate a number of events that will allow you to network with our students and graduates.  Your organisation can get involved with careers related sessions such as industry insights, CV and Interview preparation sessions.

This provides an excellent opportunity to meet students and graduates face to face and improve the awareness of your company on campus.  

Careers Fair:
We run regular recruitment fairs where employers run a stand to meet students looking for work.  This is great way to introduce your business to students and future graduates.  We can also feature your company’s promotional material on the university’s website in advance of the fair so students can find out more about you prior to the event.

Employer Panels:
Sector-focused panels enable you to present your company to students studying courses related to your business.  Panels are built into student timetables. They keep our courses in touch with industry. Link to contact us page
Participate with Bucks Alumni & Mentoring

Bucks Alumni:
Bucks Alumni offer a number of opportunities for organisations to engage with our graduates.  Your organisation can share career knowledge and industry experience, whilst raising your business' profile across campus and online to students and Alumni.

Are you a Bucks Alumni or a local employer who would like to share career advice with students and alumni?  Bucks Mentoring provides an opportunity for you to mentor a student.  This is a unique opportunity to have one to one interactions with a number of students at regular intervals throughout the year. For more information please email


Can I come onto campus?
We welcome employers to attend our annual Careers Fair and regular employer panels and you are also welcome to have exhibitions stands in our cafe or communal areas.
We also welcome employers on campus as guest speakers for course modules.

What are the academic term dates?
The academic year runs from late September until the following June.  As a guide students have 3 weeks’ vacation  at Christmas, 3 weeks at Easter and are on vacation for the months of June, July, August and September.

When do graduates finish?
The majority of our graduates finish at the end of May however, many of our design students will be exhibiting their final major projects during June.
Our Nursing students leave at 2 points in the academic year; February and June.

Do you shortlist?
We are unable to shortlist applicants for jobs but we are able to e-shot specific course areas with job details. 

We hope you're questions have been answered and look forward to working with you, please direct all queries to the Careers Service.