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International student stories

We have many International students willing to tell you all about life at Bucks how studying with us has had a positive impact on their personal and professional life

Click on the heading below to find out what a handful of our students are saying.

Harmeet Singh Anand, LLB (Hons) Business Law, India and Japan

Of Indian decent, Harmeet was raised in Japan and studied in America before deciding to study law at Bucks.
Harmeet studied hard and was involved in lots of extracurricular activities at Bucks, something he encourages all International Students to do, he says 'there are so many opportunities at Bucks, allowing students to meet their full potential'. Harmeet won Student Rep of the Year award 2012/13 and whilst studying at Bucks, was also a Senior Resident within university accommodation.
Harmeet produced regular VLOGs for Bucks, allowing new and current students to see what life as a Bucks student is really like via YouTube.
Harmeet says that Bucks is a great place to learn from experienced lectures, get involved in activities outside of the classroom and try new things, he rates the Big Deal highly and recommends Bucks to other international students.

Nidra Trabelsi, MBA, Germany

"I am studying a one-year MBA at Bucks and living in High Wycombe. I would recommend anyone to come to Bucks New University. It’s in such a beautiful town, very green, and near to London.

"I have a much more interactive relationship with my tutors and, having studied in Germany; it is so refreshing to sometimes have two tutors in the room teaching us!

"We have a lot of international students so the multicultural side of my studies is very enjoyable and I am meeting people from all over the world. The fees are very reasonable and the course is challenging, plus I am simultaneously doing a master’s with my German university so it’s a very busy time."

Andy Mestka, MSc Business Continuity Security and Emergency and BA (Hons) Crowd Safety Management, Switzerland

Whilst studying at Bucks, Andy held various high profile positions, including; Stadium Manager at AFG ARENA (A stadium that holds 20,000) and is CEO of S-Hoch3 (A training company for the security industry).

Since studying with Bucks, Andy is regularly interviewed by the press and politics as an expert for crowd safety management.

Lizzie Adebayo, BSc (Hons) Professional Social Work, Malawi

“I got a job before I had submitted my dissertation.  I started the job two days before the graduation ceremony and it was a double celebration!!!!!

I am currently employed with Kent County Council as a qualified social worker. My employers had organised a work permit for me and had also put me on a training programme for Newly Qualified Social Workers which I am about to complete. Now I am settled, reaping the fruits of hard work and loving every moment of it after enduring three years of studying as an international student in U.K. Studying at Bucks had helped to open more doors for me and my word of appreciation goes to all the lectures who had worked tirelessly to help me succeed.”

Shahrukh Khan, BA (Hons) Business and Finance, Pakistan

"I am originally from Pakistan but was raised in Dubai and I have just graduated with a 2.1

"I choose Bucks as my lecturer in Dubai recommended it, I viewed the university website and liked what I saw, I am glad I came to Bucks, the teaching staff are brilliant, my dissertation supervisor was out of this world, I even nominated them for a best teacher award. My dissertation supervisor informed me that some of my work may be published, which I am very proud and excited about.

"Picking a course was easy, I have always enjoyed finance and love economics, the course has been as good as I expected.

"I love the weather in England; it is really varied and cooler than Dubai. High Wycombe has a mixture of cultures and people with a wide variety of backgrounds; I have made lots of different friends.

"I really enjoyed my time as a Student Representative, the scheme shows how supportive the University is, employing students to make sure other students are represented; my role was to gather feedback on services, facilities and equipment etc."

Oliver Tadila, BSc (Hons) Nursing and Healthcare Practice, Philippines

“The course has been great so far and is a formal type of teaching, different to what I had been used to in the Philippines.

“Here, rather than simply being told what to do and directed towards the texts and books to read, you are also encouraged to think independently and to contrast our experiences in the workplace here to the Philippines.

“All of the professors are very supportive and our work here is also more research-based. We are also trusted to manage our own time and our own studies. So far, it is fulfilling all the expectations I had.

“High Wycombe is a very nice place, with good travel links and plenty of shops. Also, if you want to go out for something to eat then there is plenty of choice, with all kinds of restaurants.”

April Estrada, BSc (Hons) Nursing and Healthcare Practice, Philippines

“The course at Bucks New University ‘kills two birds with one stone’ because students gain the degree and are also registered as UK nurses when they graduate. I worked as a registered nurse in the Philippines for six years before coming to England and the main difference so far is in the caring aspects I have experienced in my placement at a care home in Aylesbury, where I am a care worker.

“In the Philippines I would administer medication and follow doctor’s orders but here the work is more focused and in many ways more personal, as I am also carrying out duties including feeding and washing people. It is very hands-on.

“I would recommend this course to anyone from overseas looking to gain a nursing qualification in the UK. The standard of teaching so far has been extremely good. I always look forward to Wednesdays and Thursdays, when I am in University for lectures.

“The work placements are well matched to the course and the nursing homes have certified mentors who help to guide us, so all of our on-the-job training so far is matching well with the things we are learning in the classroom.”

Modhel Galor, BSc (Hons) Nursing and Healthcare Practice, Philippines

“I worked as a health care assistant in Devon for two years and had been intending to return to the Philippines before my agency told me about this course, and that the teaching was blended with a placement. It seemed perfect for me.

“Bucks New University is very supportive of us and the lecturers are great at giving us feedback and guiding us, as well as encouraging us all to take a different look at the subject. So far, it’s a very enjoyable course.

“The International Office at Bucks New University is very supportive and the Learning Development Unit is very useful, even down to things like adjusting to the English language. In the Philippines we were used to an American style of English but here the phrases and accents are different. This are all things to take into account but the LDU is there to ensure anything we want is sorted out. Thanks to this course, I am feeling very positive about my future.”