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What to bring

An image of passports.

Important things to carry in your hand luggage

  • Identification documents
  • Academic certificates
  • Visa if required
  • Offer letters, documents from the University regarding your application and proof of your finances
  • Bank statement from within a week of your departure showing the required level of maintenance/fees stipulated by the UKVI.
  • If you bring any medication with you into the UK, also carry a letter (translated into English) from your doctor explaining what the medicine is and what it is for, just in case you are stopped at customs on entering the UK. Similarly, if you are undergoing any long-term medical treatment you should also bring a letter from your doctor, counsellor, or hospital specialist. This letter can be shown to the relevant UK specialist if further medication is needed.
  • Driving license (if you have one)
  • Accommodation confirmation and location information
  • Vaccinations and immunisation records
  • Traveller’s cheques and money. Please do not bring large amounts of cash. It is safer to bring your money in traveller’s cheques, which can be cashed in banks, post offices and airports. A debit card carrying the Maestro or Cirrus logos is useful as you can use these cards to get money from cash dispensers each day within your limit.
  • Any valuables (don’t put these in your suitcase)
  • Further advice and tips from UKVI.

In your suitcase
When packing, remember that the weather in the UK is variable throughout the year, so you'll need a variety of clothes for hot, cold, wet and dry weather! There are plenty of affordable places to buy from once here though.

It's likely you will need some home and cooking equipment such as pots, pans, plates, bedding covers, bathroom products etc. We do not recommend bringing these with you as this may cause problems with your travel. You will have plenty of choice when purchasing these items once in the UK or you may take advantage of the University's free upcycling programme. You can collect household items on moving in day at no cost to you.

You may wish to bring a laptop with you, rather than purchase one in the UK. In some cases electronic items are more expensive in the UK.

We recommend you bring a bilingual dictionary to support your studies.

Many students will experience jet lag and require a little time to adjust to their new surroundings when arriving in the UK. We therefore suggest that you arrive a few days before your course start day to allow you time to settle in and prepare for the start of your course.

Baggage checking at the airport
Immigration control can be rigorous, therefore when you arrive in the UK – be patient. Keep all your documents available for inspection and be prepared to answer questions about your visit and accommodation, you will need to know the dates and address of your accommodation.

Further things to do once you have arrived in the UK and registered at the University

  • Get your Bucks New University ID card – this gives you access around campus and also lots of discounts in local shops etc
  • Register for an National Union of Students (NUS) card to receive discounts:
  • Register with a local doctors
  • Open a bank account
  • Purchase insurance for your belongings.