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Airport arrival

The below information is relevant to all students arriving in the UK by air and wishing to travel to Bucks on their own.

At the airport
When you have found your luggage you must pass through customs control. You will have to join queues for the green channel if you have nothing to declare, the red channel if you have goods to declare, or the blue channel if you have arrived from an airport within the European Economic Area where you have already cleared your luggage through customs control. If you are carrying more than the permitted duty or tax-free allowances, or any prohibited goods (e.g. drugs, offensive weapons, food or plants from outside the European Union, etc) you must pass through the red channel.  If you are unsure about what you can bring into the UK, you should check with your local British Embassy or High Commission, before you begin your journey. You can also find information about UK Customs and Excise on their website.

Even if you pass through the green channel the customs officer may ask you to open your luggage for checking. If you arrive at one of the channel ports you will also have to pass through customs control. If you use the Channel Tunnel, customs control will be carried out either in France or on the train.

Travel to your destination in the UK
If you are staying in university accommodation you would have received details on how to get to your accommodation by the university. Remember that if you are arriving outside of office hours (9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday) you should call us in advance and let us know as there may not always be someone around to meet you. The information below will help you plan your onward journey if you are making your own arrangements.

From Heathrow terminals 1-3: take the Underground to central London on the Piccadilly line. Change at Piccadilly Circus for the Bakerloo line (brown) north to Marylebone Station. From Terminal 5 take a train to London Paddington then take the Bakerloo line (brown) to Marylebone Station. At Marylebone Station take a Chiltern Line train to High Wycombe – the price will be around £20 single.

From Gatwick: take a Thameslink train to London St Pancras or Southern train to London Victoria and take the Underground (or taxi) to Marylebone Station. At Marylebone station take a Chiltern Line train to High Wycombe – the price will be around £30 single”

Train routes may vary so please check your itinerary before departure and use the London Underground Map to make your way to Marylebone Station.

The cheapest method of transport to High Wycombe is by bus and there is a service (A40) that comes into the town centre, please see for an up to date timetable.

Travelling by coach is reasonably priced, but please note that the journey can take over two hours from Heathrow to High Wycombe. To check times and book a ticket please see

If you are looking to travel to High Wycombe by taxi we recommended that you book in advance to ensure you are charged a fair rate. Below are some of the taxi companies based in High Wycombe which offer a taxi service to and from Heathrow:

Neales Taxis
Tel: +44 (0)1494 522 555

Tiger Taxis
Tel: +44 (0)1494 461 111

Crown Cars            
Tel: +44 (0)1494 446 644

If you are planning to travel by taxi, please see the rough costs for the journey below:

  • Heathrow - High Wycombe - approximately £35.00
  • Gatwick – High Wycombe approximately £60.00
  • Luton – High Wycombe approximately £40.00
  • Stansted – High Wycombe approximately £60.00

Tips for planning your onward journey

  • Keep any travel instructions from Bucks in your hand luggage.
  • The British Tourist Authority (BTA) may have an office in your country consult the BTA web site or a local telephone directory. The BTA can give you information and advice to help you plan your journey.
  • Some scholarship agencies (e.g. the British Council) help their scholars with travel arrangements. If you are receiving a scholarship, check the information from your scholarship agency.
  • If you have arranged your international travel through a travel agent, ask the agent if they can help you arrange your onward journey in the UK.
  • Consult airport web sites or information from a travel agent for details about services at airports. 
  • If you have any problem on arrival, go to the information centre at the airport or train station. You can contact the University on +44 (0) 1494 522141 if you arrive between 8.30am and 4.30pm on a weekday.